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HAIR TOOL COLLECTIVE: Sustainability alliance breaks new ground in corporate cooperation

OLIVIA GARDEN EUROPE and DENMAN INTERNATIONAL are forging a fresh collaboration as inaugural members of the HAIR TOOL COLLECTIVE. The senior teams of both companies have drawn up a charter that defines six clear sustainability aims for the hair tool industry and will be inviting other hair tool manufacturers and brands throughout the industry to join. In an unprecedented move, the competitors have joined forces to lead the way in building stronger industry wide commitment to improving sustainable practices.

Dr John Rainey MBE, Chairman of Denman International says “The Hair Tool Collective is the logical next step in our own sustainability journey. These six aims will maintain and assure our own commitment to sustainability but also, by encouraging collaboration with other companies in the sector, we’ll be helping reduce the negative environmental impact of the hair tool sector as a whole.” Kai Ziekursch, Co-General Manager of Olivia Garden Europe says: “It is deeply rooted in the Purpose of Olivia Garden to commit to greener hairdressing. And tools used by stylists in the salon every day have a significant influence on it.” Olivia Garden’s second General Manager André Harms adds: “In our sector, the quest for sustainability isn’t a solo battle. We’re excited to step beyond competition with this initiative with Denman International and invite more firms to join hands with us in this venture.

The HTC endeavours to lessen the environmental impact and increase the sustainability of hair tool products with members committing to help bring greater sustainability to the daily lives of hair professionals. The charter has defined six shared objectives, with measurable commitments that aim to have a positive impact on the wider hair industry. The six objectives of the HTC charter are:

  1. Promoting sustainable products – We commit to developing and offering more sustainable products and continuously striving to reduce our ecological footprint throughout the lifecycle of our products.
  2. Encouraging responsible manufacturing practices – We will adopt eco-responsible manufacturing practices, aiming to minimize waste, optimize the use of natural resources, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We will also promote a circular economy by advocating for the reuse and recycling of our products.
  3. Measuring greenhouse gas emissions – We recognize the importance of measuring and monitoring our greenhouse gas emissions. By understanding our carbon footprint, we can identify opportunities to mitigate our impact and contribute to climate change mitigation efforts.
  4. Raising awareness and training hairdressers – We pledge to provide information and training on sustainable practices to hairdressers.
  5. Collaboration and knowledge sharing – We recognize the importance of collaboration among hairdressing industry companies to achieve our common goals. We will foster the exchange of knowledge, experiences, and resources, and encourage partnerships with other stakeholders committed to sustainability.
  6. Transparency and accountability – We will be transparent about our actions and progress in sustainability. We commit to measuring, monitoring, and regularly reporting our environmental, social, and economic performance.

Denman International and Olivia Garden believe that working together, corporations can make a meaningful difference in the lives of hairdressers, their clients, and the environment.

Dr John Rainey MBE, Chairman Denman International and Victoria Fishman, CEO of Denman USA plus Nadia Grégoire, Brand Partnership Lead of Olivia Garden Europe will officially sign the Hair Tool Collective Charter on Saturday October 14th at the Salon International Press Office at 1pm.

For a copy of the full charter or for any further information please contact Rachel Gould All press representatives are welcome to attend the HTC presentation and signing at the Salon International Press Office where there will be an opportunity to ask questions and take photos.

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REM Earth – Our Green Journey

Sustainability is high on the agenda in both our working practises and development strategy. This includes the sourcing of environmental friendly materials protecting the natural environment, reducing waste and energy consumption, and employing the life-cycle cost analysis.

Choosing business like REM Earth for your project means moving away from a single use mentality and towards one of long term sustainability.

As a Company we are committed to having a positive effect on our environment and hope to drive change in our industry. We have focused our efforts on four areas: our products, our spaces, our deliveries and our green initiatives.

Take a look at the steps we have taken so far.



We pride ourselves in manufacturing premium Salon furniture, built with durability in mind to extend the lifecycle of the product, making sure the items can easily be maintained and repaired to keep the circular economy moving. Our After Sales performance is testament to this statement.


We prioritise eco-friendly materials and consider their environmental impact at point of purchase and wherever possible our local sourcing policy ensures a reduced Carbon Footprint.


We work with responsible suppliers that share our ethos and strive to produce quality products, whilst also working to reduce their carbon footprint. We look for suppliers that comply with the latest regulations on timber export, prioritise recycled and recyclable material and improve the energy efficiency of their production chain.


We are committed to cutting down on all manner of waste in our space, be it paper, metal, plastic or cardboard. Everything in our office and warehouse is separated and recycled to ensure that our impact on our local landfills are kept to a minimum.

  1. LED lighting is being fit throughout the factory to reduce energy supply
  2. Motion detectors are being installed by area to turn off lights when not needed
  3. Company cars are now electric
  4. Company Fleet vehicles are all now Euro 6 compliant with electric options being considered for future purchases
  5. Company waste is segregated for recycling by type
    1. Wood waste
    2. Pallets
    3. Paper & card
    4. General waste
  6. REM materials and fabrics are certified as chemically POP’s free
  7. Our printed literature uses paper certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)
  8. The inks used in printing processes are vegetable based
  9. Where possible our Staff Car Share in their commute to work
  10. Where feasible meetings around the UK & Europe are now held via Digital online apps
  11. Paperless Billing is used by our Sales & Invoicing Departments
  12. Online advertising is our preferred means of Marketing
  13. REM Office Space to improve Oxygen into the office and improve the environmental aesthetic.


We have been replacing our fleet of vans with ‘Euro 6’ eco-friendly models, meaning we’ll be able to reduce the CO2 emissions of our entire fleet by almost half. We use the latest ad-blue vehicles (Euro 6 Variant D) reducing the impact of harmful NOx emissions into the atmosphere by 67%, ensuring our fleet is ULEZ compliant.

We manage our logistics with the environment in mind, aiming to reduce our pollution by spending the least amount of time on the road as possible.

Our new Green packaging technique has massively reduced the need for excessive packaging. Furniture is now encased in a re-usable protective cover which following delivery is returned to the factory for re-use.


In 2022 we started working with an environmental group called ‘Just One Tree’ to help increase our Social Responsibility and reduce our Carbon Footprint.

Just One Tree is an organisation dedicated to removing Co2 from the atmosphere and reversing Biodiversity loss through Global deforestation. To date we have completed 3 campaigns and more planned for the future. Our collaboration not only plants trees around the World but also helps educate the next generation in the importance of protecting our Natural World.

Initiatives we have already contributed to include supporting reforestation projects in: Madagascar, Haiti, Indonesia, Mozambique, Nepal, Kenya and Zambia where the deforestation has been devastating.

Did you know that for every 100 trees planted they contribute to a reduction of 1.3 tonnes of Co2 from the atmosphere each year. A famous man once said

‘The best time to plant A Tree is 20 years ago, the second best time is now’


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50 Year Anniversary of Salon International in 2023! 

When it takes place place from 14th-16th October at ExCeL London, Salon International will be enjoying its 50 year anniversary. Sponsored by industry software expert Treatwell, the event will showcase five decades of innovation, as well as creative excellence in the world of hair.

50 Year Anniversary
Denman is one of the very few brands that have exhibited at Salon International since inception. Here is one of their stands in 1975.

From its inception to its 50 Year Anniversary this year, Salon International has been a beacon of inspiration. It has also been a hub for professionals and students alike. Over the past half-century, it has evolved into an unparalleled platform that showcases the latest trends, cutting-edge techniques, as well as industry insights from around the globe. This year’s Salon International promises to be a testament to the event’s rich history. We’ll also welcome its ongoing commitment to fostering growth and advancement in the hairdressing industry.

“Reaching our 50th year is a remarkable achievement,” comments HJ’s Executive Director, Jayne Lewis-Orr. “It reflects the enduring passion as well as dedication of everyone who has been a part of Salon International over the years. We’re excited to celebrate this milestone with the global hairdressing community and to set the stage for the next era of innovation and creativity in the industry.”

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Luminary Collection by KH Hair Leicester

Luminary Collection by Jo Louise and Joanne at KH Hair Leicester is all about capturing that golden hour glow.

Luminary Collection

The Luminary Collection by KH Hair Leicester reflects a special warmth and ethereal light. These enhance the natural beauty that enriches the skin and hair, while also amplifying the copper and bronzed palette.

Hair: @jolouise_hair and @joanne1368charliehair_ at KH Hair Leicester Location: @scenestudios Photography: @roblsmalley MUA: @cristinalazzarotto_mua

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Beautyworld Middle East Awards to Celebrate Top Professionals in Fragrance, Beauty & Hair

Beautyworld Middle East Awards 2023 showcases the industry’s top performers, as well as elebrating the very best of the fragrance, beauty and hair industries.

Hosted in opulent style at the Grand Hyatt Dubai, the winners announcements for the Beautyworld Middle East Awards are taking place at the annual gala on October 31st. The awards will cap the second day of the region’s largest international trade fair for beauty, hair, fragrance and wellbeing. This runs from October 30th – November 1st at Dubai World Trade Centre. The third edition of the Beautyworld Middle East Awards received 540 entries from throughout the region, across 16 categories. It sets the stage for a grand celebration of the beauty industry’s finest achievements.

Hard work, creativity and dedication

The awards programme recognizes and honours the hard work, creativity as well as the dedication of beauty professionals and brands that have made a significant impact in the region. The categories include he prestigious Hair Product of the Year and the eco-conscious Conscious Brand of the Year. Then there’s also the captivating Niche Fragrance of the Year. An expert panel of judges have assessed entries to curate the star-studded shortlist now revealed. Local brilliance shines brightly as ‘The Homegrown Brand of the Year’. This acknowledges the remarkable efforts of homegrown brands conceived and launched in the Middle East.

“It’s so important to acknowledge the achievements and innovations within the booming Middle Eastern beauty industry,” said Flyn Roberts, Portfolio Director at event organisers Messe Frankfurt Middle East. “The Beautyworld Middle East Awards are a way to showcase the work being done by established brands. These include L’Oréal, ghd and Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics but also recognise the emerging players and entrepreneurs”

The full list of award finalists and tickets for the gala dinner are available HERE

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