15-Years Limited Edition Anniversary Set for the #oribeobsessed

Oribe celebrates 15 years of excellence with an exclusive collection of cult favorites, the 15 Years Limited Edition Anniversary Set.

Oribe Hair Care launched in 2008, when best-in-class luxury hair care was not yet a “thing”. So Oribe Canales and industry veteran Daniel Kaner actually succeeded in changing the hair care panorama by introducing a unique hair care collection that raised all benchmarks for performance. The artisanally crafted bottles are exquisite, as is the custom fragrance created by a renowned French perfume house. Oribe Canales was also a pioneer in formulating skincare-grade ingredients of the utmost quality.

15 years ago, we set out to design products that didn’t yet existones that could stand up to Oribe Canales’ extremely high standards as a top stylist and salon owner,” recalls Daniel Kaner, Oribe Co-Founder and President. “Our earliest followers were session hairdressers. Their belief in the products spread out through the models, celebrities and beauty editors they used them on. In turn, they recommended them to the beauty-obsessed people who became our customers. Today, we’re even more committed to carving our own path.

Celebrating the milestones along Oribe’s path

What better way to celebrate 15 years of iconic hair care than to design a limited-edition collection of 15 specially curated favorites.

This limited-edition anniversary set includes travel-size versions of the award-winning top sellers. Each of these products creates and maintains the luxuriously healthy hair that made Oribe a guarantee of excellence. Moreover, the exclusive fragrance and bodycare favorites imbue the skin with Oribe’s transportive signature scents.

As in hair care, Oribe also excels in precious packaging design. Indeed, the design of the limited-edition anniversary box set speaks to the brand’s gratitude in a subtle yet meaningful way. With clean lines, neutral colors, high-quality and recyclable materials, the elegant box is characterized by simplicity, symmetry, balance, and harmony and mirrors the timeless nature of hair care. The Oribe logo is grand in size but subdued in blind embossing and highlighted by the striking rose gold foil-stamped number “15” woven within the logotype.

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