5 Ways of Keeping Salon Staff Morale Up This Christmas

There’s no doubt that Christmas 2020 will be hugely different for all of us this year. While by now your salon would usually be gearing up for the party season, we’re instead facing fitting another couple of month’s worth of appointments into just a few weeks.

Yes, as lockdown is lifted, clients are flocking back to get their hair, nails, brows and lashes in tip-top shape again.

But, after another month at home, followed by a huge rush of appointments, your salon staff might be feeling a little low in morale.

With no Christmas party to look forward to and the prospect of more restrictions next year, what can you do to keep spirits up for Christmas 2020?

1. Be mindful of everyone in the salon

Before you plan any Christmas themed fun for your salon, just be aware of what everyone in your salon has faced this year.

It might be that certain members of the team have lost loved ones or are facing their own struggles at home. Remember to be mindful of everyone and consider how they will react to any festivities at work.

The best way to approach this is to simply ask. Have a conversation with your team members about how they are feeling and if there is anything they’d like to do this month. If they are in need of a little pick-me-up then by all means give it to them – otherwise, subtlety may be key.

2. Plan some festivities

If your team is up for some festivities, then you face the challenge of fitting them around social distancing, the ‘rule of 6’ and a number of other restrictions depending on your local area. So, while you might be able to be able to book a Christmas meal if you only have a few staff, it’s unlikely to be the celebration you are used to.

But, there are still ways to feel festive in your salon. Some Christmas decorations can bring some cheer to the workplace but again, you might not want to go overboard. Just like your staff, some clients might not be having the happiest of Christmases.

Be wary of salon hygiene when putting decorations up. Keep surfaces clear to allow for thorough cleaning and avoid placing them at your stations.

You can still get involved in things like Christmas jumper day, or maybe you could organise some help for a local food bank or shelter so everyone can feel as though they are helping out.

3. Be transparent with your staff

There’s only so much a few mince pies and tinsel can do. If your staff are worried about their job or what the future holds, you may need to step in and reassure them.

Be as transparent as possible with your team about what’s going on. Keep them updated on what steps you are taking to ensure the salon keeps running through 2020 and beyond. Let them know in advance about any changes you are planning and what this means for them. Your team will appreciate your honesty and may feel a little reassured that they will still have a job next year.

4. Hold some incentives

Salon Christmas retail sales are incredibly important to your revenue right now.

But, if your staff are rushed off their feet – and maybe feeling a little low from the past few months – selling might not be their top priority.

Pushing your team into hitting targets could also be an extra worry they can do without at the moment. So, instead, why not have some fun incentives to motivate them instead?

Put together some prizes to encourage sales. It can be anything from gifts to an extra day off next year – whatever you think you staff would appreciate the most. The key is to not make it feel like pressure, but something fun for your team to get involved in.

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5. Show you care

One of the most powerful ways you can boost your staff morale is to simply show you care.

This is more important now than ever before. You can do this by listening to the concerns of everyone in your team and showing some empathy. Do what you can to keep the team together and to show support for each other so everyone feels like they are part of your salon family.

After a difficult year, we know you need to prioritise your businesses needs to keep afloat for everyone. But, don’t let this come at the expense of your team – or even your – health and wellbeing.

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