A cutting-edge range

In an exclusive interview with Claire Chell, Owner of The Garden Lounge Hair Salon and Uberliss Ambassador, we find out more about why she chose Uberliss and the benefits it has presented to her salon business.


Please introduce us to the Uberliss brand and what it strives to achieve.

Created by master chemist, Dr. Ali N. Syed, Uberliss’ mission is to develop cutting-edge methods to create a range that focuses on protecting and maintaining the health of the hair and scalp during chemical processes.

The brand’s focus has been the cross-linking of hair technology and developing a new patented molecule. This new molecule mitigates hair damage, particularly during bleaching. The patented bond technology can be found in several new products in the Uberliss portfolio such as the Uberliss Bond Regenerator, Uberliss Bond Shampoo and Uberliss Bond Healing Spray.


What is different about Uberliss Bond products compared to others on the market?  

The difference is the patented technology and performance. Unlike other benchmark brands which use an acid-based and water-soluble material, the Uberliss Bond System is a nano-emulsion of active molecule Glycidoxy Dimethicone.

Uberliss Bond Shampoo and Uberliss Bond Amplifier contain nano-lipids that can strengthen hair additionally after bleaching and permanent colouring treatments. The Uberliss Bond System not only balances the pH of the hair but also the scalp and contains moisturising ingredients.

In terms of performance, the Uberliss Bond System increases hair elasticity by 121% when the full system is used with standard lighteners, 22% with lighteners already containing ‘plex’ technology, and up to 30% when added to permanent colour, while also bringing both hair and scalp back to the normal pH level.


How can Uberliss Bond products elevate salons in terms of guest experience and revenue? 

The Uberliss Bond System outperforms every bond builder I’ve ever used, and our clients love it too. Not only does it deliver amazing shine, softness and silkiness, clients appreciate that it is cruelty-free and vegan. The Uberliss Bond System doesn’t require hairdressers to increase developer or processing time. This benefits both the stylist and client, as well as supporting the upsell of treatments.

The Uberliss Bond Sustainers are a fantastic retail option. These handy treatments can be taken home to maintain the health of their hair. The Bond Sustainers also come in a range of temporary colours which last up to eight washes. These are brilliant for either toning colour or retaining vibrancy. Uberliss has a fantastic price point for salon owners and freelancers, offering the opportunity to increase your salon’s revenue without the high buy-in price.


What is your Uberliss hero product and why? 

As a colourist, my hero product has to be the Uberliss Bond Colour Sustainers. Every colourist knows that it’s hard to give our clients a time scale on pastel or vivid colour fade. But being able to offer my clients a take-home direct dye hair treatment that not only helps to refresh and revive their hair colour but helps to continue to regenerate broken bonds is an absolute game changer.





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