A friendlier future

Established in 1999, Maria Nila is a professional beauty brand offering 100% vegan and animal-friendly products, promoting sustainability. The high-quality products are produced in Sweden, and aim to push the hair and beauty industry towards a friendlier future. 

In an exclusive interview with Maria Nila Brand Ambassador, Diego Miranda, we’re sharing all the details on his preference to a vegan range and his favourite products to create flawless styles. The renowned session stylist has 30 years of experience and expertise, including styling for the red carpet, editorial and commercial events and shows us that beautiful hair can be friendly towards the environment. 

As a brand ambassador, how does Maria Nila embody your identity and ethos in the hair industry? 

Maria Nila’s sustainable and animal-friendly ethos is exactly where the industry needs to be. Having worked as a hairstylist for more than 30 years, I’ve come across far too many products loaded with toxic chemicals or animal-based ingredients. For a long time the industry has simply been lazy. It’s brands like Maria Nila that are opening clients’ eyes and making them ask the right questions about what they are putting onto their scalp and hair. I feel proud to be a part of that.

Maria Nila prides itself on its premium vegan range. What benefits have you seen from using these vegan products on your clients? 

Maria Nila harnesses the best of what nature has to offer to create their innovative hair products by using ingredients that really perform, such as argan oil and sunflower seeds, leaving clients hair healthy and shiny. The vegan ingredients also protect and nourish the scalp, keeping the natural oils intact.

What is your Maria Nila hero product and why? 

In a hair session my hero product is the ‘Style & Finish Styling Spray’ mixed with the ‘True Soft Argan Oil’ which gives flexibility and hold. For backstage styling, my hero product would be the ‘Luminous Colour Conditioner’ mixed with the ‘Gabbro Fixating Wax’ to create a wet and glossy texture. Finally, to style in salon my must-have product is the ‘Style & Finish Salty Mist’. This offers the client grip and effortless texture. 

To shop the vegan and colour protecting product range head to: marianila.co.uk

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