A Murder of Crows Collection by Anne Veck

The environment has long been at the heart of Anne Veck. Her passion for it shines through in her business and in her breathtaking collections.

In 2019 Anne Veck produced her award-winning collection Toxic Fashion and demonstrated the fashion industries lack of ethical and sustainable values. Anne used hair to express her mission to bring attention to the challenges our planet faces. She also made a massive impact with her collection Hot Clash later in the year.

Continuing this mission, Anne Veck now brings our attention to local sustainability. It also focuses on biodegradability, regeneration and sustainability at an organic and personal level. 

Shot in a local Oxford allotment Anne continues to create beautiful collections that reflect how passionate she is for the environment. A Murder of Crows embraces nature and all its surroundings, bringing the outdoors to life through her creative style. 

The collection is inspired by modern day fashion and shares it’s hair story based around Victorian inspired styles, traditionally mixed with modern.

Commenting on her recent collection A Murder of Crows, Anne Veck says:

“I always love working with one of my favourite photographer, Magic Owen. Magic wanted to create an atmospheric, macabre shoot and this combined perfectly with my thoughts about regeneration, life, death & sustainability. Which led us to shoot in an allotment with added crows!”

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