Dressing up hair is one of the most on-trend looks this season; it can literally transform your hair from blah to beautiful in an instant. With so many beautiful accessories to choose from, you really can’t go wrong, even if you find styling your hair hard to do.

Hair and fashion have always aligned themselves. There’s always appeared a multi-layer between both which allows us to blur the borders and push the boundaries. This means bringing out the craft kit to embellish not only an outfit but also the entire style trend.

Adornment started with a fusion of fashion and hair, creating an eclectic muse of colours, patterns and textures to unearth a unique czar, to be adored by others. Layering was one of the key elements of Adornment , combining texture and colour, and finishing each models’ hair to tie everything together. A very individual and eclectic style, with the goal of simplicity and personality at the forefront.

Hair: Amy Gaudie 

Make-up: Annabelle Hogg 

Photography: Aleisha Edwards 

Styling: Kerrie Carucci 

Salon: Urban Chic 

Models: Arianna Sunshine, Jenna-Alyce, Zasha Lau-White