Akin’s Day with 2021 F.A.M.E Team

The 2021 F.A.M.E Team has spent an extra-special day at the HOB Academy in London. Host for the day was four times British Hairdresser of the Year, Akin Konizi. 

Renowned for his precision cuts and bold geometric work, Akin spent the day talking through the principles of cutting hair. He pushed the 2021 F.A.M.E Team’s thought process and aspirations to another level. 

Akin, who is the international creative director of the award-winning creative team, demonstrated one of his signature cuts on a model. He also demonstrated the technical and intricate details of cutting short hair. 

“I love to take time out to mentor young hairdressers and the 2021 F.A.M.E Team were so enthusiastic with a wide range of skills. It was a pleasure to spend the day with them and share my knowledge and passion about hair cutting.” 

2021 F.A.M.E Team member Jose Domene said: “Akin is fantastic, his technical skills are incredible, we learnt so much. He showed us how far you can push things and told us about the importance of always trying to do your best.” 

Casey Coleman added: “I’ve been sat in front of many hair cutters and end up feeling confused. But Akin made it so much easier to understand. It was very technical, but his way of delivering it was second to none. An all-round amazing day for myself and the rest of the team!” 

Brandon Messinger, also of the 2021 F.A.M.E Team and who has previously worked with Akin, said: “Akin is so much more than an amazing cutter, he is my all-time hair hero. Not only for his skill but his industry wisdom. His advice has been an integral key to my success.” 

Brooke Evans summed up the day: ” Akin blew my mind. At first, I thought with him being a technical cutter I would find it difficult to follow with terminology, but how wrong I was. He spent his time explaining to us haircuts, knowledge of the industry and showcasing some of his previous work! His attention to detail is a whole new level to what I have seen before and to top it off, he’s a nice guy!” 

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