Andis® Company announces its International Artistic Team

Andis® Company is investing in education and inspiration and announces its International Artistic Team with renowned artists Kevin Luchmun and Kenny Duncan at the helm.

With salon shutdowns during the pandemic, brands and salon professionals, like the rest of the world, turned to the World Wide Web to stay connected, in terms of both social and business. But for salon pros, the focus quickly turned to education and inspiration. It was a time to explore, learn, create, and be inspired. That’s one of the reasons why Andis® Company did announce its International Artistic Team.

This is why Andis® Company, a leader in professional tools and education for barbers and beauty industries, is following up on these ongoing needs by investing in creativity and inspiration, founding a new Global Artistic Team with no other than Kevin Luchmun as “International Artistic Team Lead” and KennyDuncan as “North American Artistic Team Lead”. Both will be responsible for building upon Andis Company’s global standing for world-class tools, education, and creative inspiration, including education with a focus on developing programs to cultivate the individualized expression of each individual salon professional.

Kevin Luchmen’s technical haircutting skills have positioned him as one of the industry’s most inspiring barbers, men’s stylists and educators. Amulti-award-winning stylist spanning barbering and men’s hairdressing, Kevin’s work on editorial photoshoots and collection photography, and the relationship between hairstyling, fashion and the visual presentation of technical cuts, has seen his creativity extend into a signature photography style.

Kevin Luchmun
Kenny Luchmun, the new International Artistic Team Lead

I’ve waited a long time for this to come to fruition,” said Kevin. “Now I’ve reached this point in my career and have so many achievements and accolades, the timing and the type of position couldn’t be more perfect. I look forward to working with Angie and the global education team to elevate Andis’ brand appeal and educational resource base, as well as highlighting the precision and performance of its industry-leading tools.

Said Angie Perino, Andis Global Education Manager, “Kevin will be working closely with Kenny Duncan, to merge our educator network into a global vision that empowers barbers and stylists to express their individuality, maximize their creative talents and exceed their artistic poten.tial through hair and imagery.

Kevin Luchmun, Andis International Artistic Team, at work

Kenny Duncan, serving as the “Andis North American Artistic Team Lead, will partner with Kevin. “Kenny has been a crucial member of the Andis Education Team for many years, we are very proud to see him elevated to a role that allows him to express his endless creative visions,” said Perino. “Kenny will be serving the US and Canada as a lead contributor for creative projects including photo shoots and various educational programs. Kenny also leads our Global Virtual Competition Program that connects our barbers and stylists in a friendly duel to earn the title of Andis Master right from the comfort of their home, shop or salon.”

Kenny Duncan, Andis North American Artistic Team Lead

Following the worldwide success of FLUIDVols.1&2 – a combined artistic hair collection and educational concept that integrates with Andis’ groundbreaking Virtual Education resource, the Andis International Artistic Team’s first assignment will be to lead the creation of FLUID Vol.3. The program will include educational videos, learning modules and a stunning look book with steps to teach barbers and stylists how to create the featured looks. Kevin will be contributing to create a vision for the collection, selecting models, orchestrating photography and video and finalizing all the details of the final edits.

Kenny Duncan
Kenny and some of his amazing work

For more information on Andis Company, please visit or follow Andis on Instagram and Facebook. ### About Andis® Company Andis® Company, a family-held business founded in 1922, is a leading manufacturer of handheld tools to trim, cut, curl, straighten and dry hair.

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