Anne Veck’s Toxic Fashion Wins at 2020 Videographer Awards

Anne Veck's Toxic Fashion Wins at 2020 Videographer Awards

Anne Veck’s Toxic Fashion shoot has just won itself another recognition. This time it is an Excellence Award, the highest award category, in the Videographer Awards 2020.  This time the provocative collection created by Anne Veck to challenge the negative impact that the fashion industry has upon the air, sea, earth and its inhabitants.

“We are particularly thrilled as these awards drew entrants from around the world,” comments Anne. “Toxic Fashion has seen recognition for us this year through its short listing for the Royal Academy of Art Summer Exhibition and being exhibited at the Oxford Arts Festival.  With its provocative imagery and strong statement Toxic Fashion continues to deliver its sustainability message.” 


Hair: Anne Veck for Anne Veck Salons

Assistant:  Cassie Jennigs

Make-up: Morgan Defre

Photography: Magic Owen

Styling: Sue Fyfe-Williams

Collection sponsored by Revlon Professional