Art Collection by Olga García Estilistas

Olga García Estilistas presents the ART Collection: a tribute to a cast of inspiring artists such as Yayoi Kusama, a pioneering avant-garde Japanese artist of pop and minimalism; Piet Mondrian, avant-garde painter who promoted neoplasticism; and Vasily Kandinsky, renowned pioneer and theorist of abstract art.

Olga García‘s Art Collection focuses on interpreting the style of each of these artists and expressing it through the art of hair. To achieve the pictorial effect, she used the technique of stamping on the hair. She then reviewed and corrected every detail, taking into account that the printing was on a flat surface. The placement implies a change of volume and an alteration of the drawing. This is due to the spherical contour of the head.

Hair: Olga García Estilistas Photography: David Arnal MUA: Jose Luís Blasco Styling: Visori Fashionart

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