Autumnal Warmers to Inspire Seasonal Shades

Autumnal Warmers to Inspire Seasonal Shades

Suzie McGill, International Artistic Director at Rainbow Room International has conjured up some seasonal shades inspired by ‘Winter Warmers’ – drinks created to keep out the chill of the colder months!


Autumn is here and one of the most on trend hair colours for the season will be based on golden maple syrup like tones with an added spice kick! Maple spice sounds as delicious to eat as it looks and features a blend of beautiful autumnal tones that glimmer when the light touches them. Maple syrup inspired shades gives this hair colour a very warm tone whilst hints of cinnamon and spices that resemble clove and ginger work in tandem to add lighter and darker tones to the hair that give it dimension and depth. As this colour features an array of tones, the blend is most important with the lighter tones being placed around the face and with speckles around the back of the head and darker tones being placed sporadically to add further movement to the hair but without taking emphasis away from the main hue – that beautiful golden maple tone. This is a great shade for blondes who want to update their hair colour for the autumn months and who want to break up their hair colour. The best way to apply this colour is freehand, where you can focus on the colour placement and where the blend will look really seamless – which is key when using a number of different tones within the hair to avoid the colour looking stripey or unnatural. 


Red and copper tones are always a huge hit as we come into the autumn/winter months – just like the orders are of the seasons Pumpkin Spice Latte! This hair colour focuses heavily on stunning vivid copper tones, however, can also incorporates some darker shades or a darker root for a beautifully blended and dimensional hair colour. This colour can also be as bold or as subtle as the client likes with a pastel take on the hue being a great option for blondes who want the colour to blend out effortlessly. The beauty of incorporating copper and red tones into your hair is that they promote shine and they also work well to warm the complexion and give the clients skin a gorgeous glow.


There’s nothing better than a super creamy and rich hot chocolate. For hair colour this translates into an incredibly glossy and healthy looking chocolate brunette! This look can easily be achieved with glossing service, giving the hair that all over beautiful block colour that looks smooth and truly shines. I always recommend brunette clients to get a glossing service every couple-few months to allow their hair to always look its best and avoid it looking dull and lacking vibrancy. Following the service I also recommend clients a colour saving shampoo and hair conditioning treatments to take home to prolong vibrancy and shine and keep hair looking its best until the next appointment. Good quality, professional hair care products and treatments are particularly important during the autumn/winter months when hair will be lacking moisture and will need the extra nourishment these products provide.

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