Bang on trend

We’re about to reveal the new emerging autumnal colour trends, post-lockdown, forecasted by our trusty industry experts.

With colour services still in high demand as some clients are only just getting round to their much-anticipated hair appointments, a colourist’s skills are going to be tested to their limits as they are still tackling mammoth root re-growths.

It will come as no surprise that many clients will be keen for a whole new look this season as they’ve gone for months without changing up their style. We’re eager to find out whether we can expect anything weird and wonderful this Autumn from the salon chair, which is why we’ve reached out to the experts to see which trends will be making an appearance over the coming months.

“Most clients have respected their hair and haven’t coloured it for almost four months,” explains Advanced Pro Salon Technical Director Paul Chandler. “Colourists are going to be faced with a lot of large roots and natural highlights – greys! So, it’s a great opportunity to start again and offer something new. Hair can be a new canvas to work on and offer them something fresh and exciting.”

Paul believes there will be two major trends to emerge post-lockdown this Autumn – root stretch and solid colour: “For those who have used a box colour, they will have applied it all over and may now quite like the all-over finish. Then some have grown out their roots and like the low maintenance, so a root blend will be perfect for them.”

According to Paul, all-over colour is all about the shine and condition of the hair – whether it’s a bold red or vibrant brunette, the condition is everything. Consultation is key for an all-over colour, to take into account lifestyle, texture and shape: “The one-dimensional colour can be as dramatic or as subtle as you and your client requires. It’s higher maintenance and roots will need regular re-touching, but the hair will be left looking luscious and thicker. Regular deep-conditioning treatments are this colour’s BFF to keep it looking and feeling healthy.”

Roots have always been considered a blonde’s worst nightmare, but they can actually look modern and are the ultimate low-maintenance style. In fact, dark roots can rock! Dua Lipa, Kim Kardashian and Charlize Theron have been poster girls for roots, and it can be a lazy girl’s best-kept secret: “It’s a great way of making a statement without compromising the condition of the hair. A root stretch with baby lights and freehand balayage around the face keeps the colour light and natural. It’s cool, it’s low maintenance and easy to look after.” Added Paul.

Owner and Director of TONI&GUY Billericay, Jim Shaw’s top 3 men’s hair trend predictions for Autumn:

1.         Long and wavy

During the lockdown period, we noticed men either shaving all their hair off or allowing their hair to grow long and embracing it. I think a lot of men were surprised at how much they would like the longer length and how much easier this is to style. Now, more men are starting to come into the salon and keep their hair slightly longer, and instead of opting for a complete re-style, they have just been trimming their hair or asking for advice on styles to suit the longer length. Men love to have hair that’s easy to style and all that’s required for this look is a simple texturizing spray, like a salt spray, to give the hair more of a wave and some grit.

2.         Side partings

 Side partings are a great way for men to change up their look, particularly if they are used to a middle parting, as changing to a side parting can give their hair added volume. Side partings will continue to become popular as we approach Autumn. A quiff, fade or comb-over style also looks particularly great paired with a side parting, adding more drama to the look and giving it an overall, more contemporary finish.

3.         Short and textured 

I think the key to looks coming into Autumn/Winter 2020 is that they are looking more low maintenance, textured and soft. With this in mind, those who prefer shorter hairstyles will be looking at adding more texture into their style and we will notice a lot of men asking for layers within their short hair to do this or requesting more of a Caesar style haircut, where the hair is faded on the sides and thickness and texture is left on the top.

In the opinion of Simon Hill, Owner of Sesh Hairdressing, this Autumn/Winter it is all about clients remaining true to their natural hair (with a little help from their hairdresser). He thinks that, in terms of colour, we can expect to see lots of natural tones and face-framing techniques to brighten the client’s colour, adding depth and dimension to their hair: “For brunettes, we can expect to see lighter slices added subtly throughout to give movement and body. For blondes, the focus will be on tonal work to add shine and a natural finish – moving away from platinum block colour and towards sun-kissed baby lights.” Now that sounds like something to get excited about.

As if the colour talk hadn’t excited us enough, Simon told us what he thinks we can expect in terms of styling: “Disco waves are a look to watch out for this AW!” Anything with the word ‘disco’ in front of it is something to write home about in our opinion – think 70’s style volume with lots of height and texture throughout the hair. Simon revealed that using a small straightening iron to wrap the hair around works best to create this style: “Once styled, use your fingers to tease the curls out and backcomb where necessary to create that voluminous finish.”

Ross Charles, Owner of Ross Charles Hairdressing, interestingly explained that he believes men’s hair has undergone a bit of an evolution process in 2020 which is why we can expect to see strong influences coming from previous decades, in particular the 1960’s and 70’s. During this era, hair styling and grooming for men began to rise in popularity and this was no longer just a market for women.

Similarly to Jim, Ross forecasts in this new decade that hair will be stronger and mostly mid-length, but working with lots of movement and strong shapes: “A return in longer length can be expected and this, contrasted against the traditional fade, is a look that was touched upon during 2019 but AW 2020 will see this style in the spotlight.”

Longer lengths with slightly disconnected pieces to encourage texture and movement are another look to take note of for 2020 according to Ross: “The laidback, deliberately messy vibe of this look interests me and the use of layering and varied styling is a perfect pairing. For this style, the cut is key.”

In short, Ross revealed that ‘texture’ and that ‘undone’ look is also set to be popular during the end of 2020. Add texture with products like sea salt and thermal styling for longer hair. For shorter lengths, use a clay wax to add a textured edge to a style: “Clays and wax will help you get inside the hair and create innovative shapes with defined texture for an on-trend look.” In summary of what Ross told us, it’s important to work with the hair’s natural texture and pattern to enhance what your client has this Autumn.

The two words on everyone’s lips at the moment seem to be ‘low-maintenance’ – is this because of the limited appointments, perhaps? With the world missing hair services for four months, JOICO European Colour Design Team Member Paul Watts is predicting from current needs and wants, low-maintenance hair colouring with a pop. See… what did we tell you?

The obvious, balayage, ombre, dimensional colours are all still going to be big according to Paul, but trends for AW are going to be speedy refresh services, making the most of life in the quickest time possible.

“One trend which is transitioning from ‘in your face’ colour to ‘frame your face’ is the money piece. This was once a punch of colour at the hairline, but is now being a simple face frame to compliment your client’s face shape and tone. Autumn/Winter the last few years has taken that summer glow to autumn hue. I think clients are going to be wanting that summer feeling we’ve all missed whilst in lockdown, so I’m predicting blondes and lots of them! Cool, beachy and tonal.” Said Paul.

Now, just when we thought we might never see the classic ‘Cheryl Cole red’ again, Jason Hogan, Celebrity Colourist at Josh Wood Atelier, drops a bombshell… “AW is going to be all about reds for me!”

He explained that he wouldn’t go as far as to say that red hair is popular, but over the last three to five years there has been a resurgence in its popularity, with a lot of red-haired celebrities walking the red carpet. Not being so common plays to its advantage, as when you do see a red done well (or badly) walking down the street, it does turn your head, and with Kim Kardashian’s recent post-lockdown transformation, red has garnered immense column inches and Instagram tag searches.

“Typically, from a professional point of view, reds would usually fall into two categories: warm or cool, however the true spectrum of red hair is vast and like a fingerprint; unique and custom to an individual.” Explained Jason.

When choosing a red to suit your client’s complexion, Jason told us that it’s all in the veins… If their veins are green, then they have a warm skin tone, so think shades of cinnamon, copper and ruby! If their veins are blue or purple, they have a cool skin tone. Berry, burgundy and crimson will work beautifully. And if you can’t tell the difference, they are likely neutral. Luckily, they can flirt with most shades of red!

“Before making the switch to red permanently, a major factor to consider is upkeep… Reds are notoriously fickle by nature and fade or lose vibrancy quickly, they need to be glossed regularly to stay fresh and keep the tone in check. Clients should, realistically, want to be in the salon every four weeks, that won’t be for a massive appointment every time, but little tweaks.”

Well, wasn’t that a lot to take in!? Root stretch, solid colour, men embracing long and wavy locks, saying hello to side partings, disco waves, sun-kissed baby lights and then the almighty RED! Anyone else currently doing an excited two-step? This Autumn is set to be a whirlwind for hair trends, and we cannot wait to see what you pull out of the bag. We hope that by pre-empting the trends, you now won’t collapse in shock when someone asks for ‘ruby red’. Honestly, we never thought we’d see the day but gosh, we can’t wait. Looks like you better get preparing! Don’t forget to tag us in your seasonal shots on Instagram @thesalonmaguk  

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