Bethenny Frankel & Nioxin: traveling companions

Bethenny Frankel posted on Instagram that she is starting out on a “Hair Health Growth Journey”, announcing that Nioxin will be her traveling companion.

Bethenny Frankel – American businesswoman, television personality, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and author – posted on Instagram about her latest hair health growth journey. Her reel starts out with her saying that “This year, for the first time in my life, I decided to focus on hair health… My hair overall in life like most, has gotten thinner.” Indeed, many women and men face this issue, especially as they grow older. But there are some solutions that help combat this problem, and Nioxin is one of them.

Bethenny Frankel & Nioxin: new “travel” routine

For her journey, Bethenny posted that she has chosen Nioxin to boost her hair health. In particular, she mentions three Nioxin products as part of her beauty regimen.

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Nioxin Recharging Complex: Bethenny says, “I take that every day. It feels like it’s got some kind of herbs in it, I can smell it.” In addition to its appealing scent, the supplement contains NuCilium-Plex Technology, a multi-nutrient blend. The formula also includes biotin, zinc and iron to help support normal healthy-growing hair, skin and nails from the inside out. More good news: Nioxin Recharging Complex is not limited to individuals that are experiencing thinning, but is helpful for promoting overall healthy hair growth.

Nioxin Hair Regrowth Treatment: Bethenny says, “It’s not oily, because I don’t like when they make your hair flat. This treatment contains 2% minoxidil – the only clinically proven ingredient to help regrow hair. It also reactivates hair follicles and stimulates hair regrowth.

Nioxin Night Density Rescue: is an overnight leave-in scalp treatment that helps reduce hair fall. Clinically proven to promote hair density, it is formulated with a powerful blend of antioxidants to neutralize free radicals on the scalp surface.

Bethenny Frankel & Nioxin and a more holistic approach

Bethenny Frankel & Nioxin both recognize that thinning and hair damage is a real problem and effects our self-esteem. There are other preventive measures we can take in addition to in-salon or at-home regimes. Our diet also impacts not only our hair, but all aspects or our health and aging. So opt for antioxidant rich foods at the table.

Other measures that work? When using heat to style your hair, use the lowest temperature possible and use a protective styling product. Avoid wearing tight bands or elastics that may pull and break your hair. Remember to protect your hair from any kind of extremes, including – pool chemicals, sun and UV-rays. And of course, ask your salon professional about safe color or chemical treatments. , don’t wear tight bands on your hair, or expose it to extremes.

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