Bloom Collection: Created by María Montes

The Bloom Collection, which clearly has vintage inspiration, also recalls the London spirit of the ’70s and ’80s. Youthful looks that evoke classic mullets, which nevertheless look totally contemporary as well.

The Bloom Collection is reminiscent of the atmosphere of a London when hair volume and texture truly flourished. Brought forward into the present, they incorporate high technical achievement. Cut, colour and styling has been achieved on natural hair wigs using Revlon Professional products.

Hair: María Montes @__mariamontes__ , Hair Instagram: Manuel Mon Estilistas @manuelmonoficial , Photography: Bernardo Baragaño @vertigoestudio , MUA: María Montes @__mariamontes__ ; Styling: Ana González Del Pozo @Ana_gonzalezdelpozo , Models: Cristina Pérez @cris_peerez , Products: Revlon Professional @revlonprofessional_es

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