Blue Monday: 8 Hair Pick-Me-Ups!

Blue Monday: 8 Hair Pick-Me-Ups!

Eight hair proposals to help face up to the misery of Blue Monday, which is purported to be the very saddest day of the year.

According to Astrology and the positioning of the planets,  Monday January 18 is considered be the most gloomy day of the year! Facing up to blue in all its forms is the best anecdote by far. Here are 8 blue hair looks to brighten your day:


1 – Directly from Tokyo and the  @ququ_raaakun7 profile, this turquoise blue proposal is suitable for those who like unusual and playful looks.

2 – Porcelain skin and gothic soul? Then this lolita look from @babybluebat is perfect. More than a Blue Monday, a romantic and decadent #Bluelife.

3 – Who says blue, says Elsa from Frozen! Here is a proposal that takes us back in time, to the time when we were little girls. How about this pastel blue from @

4 – Dedicated to a refined and elegant woman who is not afraid to dare. Here is the blue according to Sens.ùs, in the Marea collection. For those looking for change, rebirth and innovation in this Blue Monday.

5 – 50 shades of blue, with a few touches of purple or even teal. A creation of the Briana salon in Boston. For those who want to discover all the facets of this Blue Monday.

6 – Nostalgia thugs nostalgia  “Albano and Romina” sang at the Sanremo Festival many years ago. And if the sea is missing, and this nostalgia during the Blue Monday is even stronger, Lorenzo Marchelle takes care of it, with this color reminiscent of the ocean.

7 – Do you have a Rock & Roll soul? Here is the right proposition from Madrid, from blue to purple. For those who chase away sadness with the sound of decibels.

8 – Ottanio: it is the color between blue and green, more and more trendy, proposed by Kemon for the season. Alternative and sophisticated like the woman who decides to wear it, it is perfect for those who are not afraid at all, not evenBlue Monday.