Boost your business using technology

Selling products in your salon can enhance client experience, build loyalty, and boost your bottom line. However, whilst hair and beauty pros are undeniably experts when it comes to their creativity and talent, the world of sales is something that might not come as naturally. Luckily, digital solutions such as Treatwell Pro can take the hassle out of sales. We’re taking a look at how, by utilising these tools, salon owners can make product retail a key part of their business arsenal.

In our ever-changing industry, we know just how competitive things can be. It means that salon owners are always on the lookout for new and innovative ways to stay ahead of the game. One of the biggest (and arguably most underestimated) aspects of a salon business – which can be the difference between doing good and doing great – is product sales and retail.


Why are product sales so important?

As a hair or beauty professional, it can feel daunting to incorporate product retail into your everyday business. However, it’s important to remember that product sales benefit both you and your clients. As a salon owner, it can be an important and consistent boost to your revenue. But a personalised product recommendation that your clients will love and benefit from? That’s a sureto enhance their experience, too.

How can technology enhance your salon’s sales efforts?

When it comes to overall salon management, attracting new clients, and increasing revenue – the value of digital solutions (such as Treatwell Pro – Europe’s leading management software) is crystal clear. What you might not know, however, is that Treatwell Pro can be an instrumental tool in helping to streamline and increase your sales, too. From stock management and POS to digital marketing and AI-powered analytics – Treatwell Pro makes product retailing a breeze. Here’s just a few ways that you can use technology in your salon to elevate your salon’s sales:

Streamline your operations with seamless stock management

Digital solutions can simplify stock and inventory management, allowing salons to keep track of their product offerings effortlessly. No more manual inventory tracking or guesswork, here. With Treatwell Pro, salon owners can easily manage their stock levels, automate re-ordering processes, and make sure their shelves are always stocked with the right products. You can see exactly which products are flying off the shelves (and which ones might need an extra push) at a glance. And, with the use of AI, you can predict demand, adjust orders to minimise waste, and make sure your clients’ favourite products are always in stock. All of which makes the sale of products a seamless experience from start to finish.

Increase sales with smart marketing

Technology can empower salons to amplify their marketing efforts and promote their product retail offerings effectively. With Treatwell Pro’s digital marketing capabilities, salons can engage with their clients beyond their salon visits. Salons can send email campaigns, tailored to individual clients, which can serve as a powerful marketing tool to promote products, offers, and exclusive deals. This level of personalisation enhances customer satisfaction, drives product sales, and builds long-term loyalty.

Enhance client experience with a convenient POS system

Clients love flexibility, convenience, and choice. Digital solutions can provide just that. When your efforts have paid off, and your client is ready and eager to purchase a product, Treatwell Pro’s integrated POS system makes for smooth and effortless transactions. With flexible payment options, receipts, and automatic integration with the software’s stock management and analytics tools – you can ensure that your product sales operations are at the top of their game (for both your business and your clients).

Use technology to personalise each and every appointment

With Treatwell Pro, hair and beauty pros can easily add notes to each client’s profile, so you’ll never forget what they like or dislike. Did they mention they love the smell of lavender during their last visit? Jot it down in their client notes, and next time they’re in, you can suggest a lavender-scented product for them to take home. Or, do they usually book highlights, but have mentioned that they hate brassy tones? Note that down too, and you’ll know to suggest a toning shampoo at their next appointment. What’s more, you’ll automatically have a record of a client’s purchase history – which you can view in their profile in just a couple of clicks. So, you can confidently recommend products you know they’ll love when it comes to their appointment. It’s the little things that really matter when it comes to elevating your client’s experience in your salon. So, by creating a holistic and personalised experience, you can leave a lasting impression on your clients – building loyalty and increasing sales in the process.

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