Bronde is Poised for a Big Return in 2021

Bronde is Poised for a Big Return in 2021

Bronde has been a trend that’s been popular for many years, with many clients craving an au natural colour, which looks so simple and beautiful but can take a while to perfect in the salons. Think the Californian effect, they want it to look effortless, and that’s exactly where we are headed for 2021.

Established by the Kardashian clan, Bronde has been a hot favourite with clients around the world and here we chat to F&M Hairdressing Creative Director Kevin Paul Finnell, on why bronde is back and what it’s got in store for colourists and clients.

Kevin, tell us, why is Bronde back?

Many clients have embraced their natural hair in 2020 due to not having access to their hairdressers and have essentially been forced into a colour detox with the salons being closed for such a long period of time. What we’ve noticed is clients loving their natural self once again and wanting a look that appears effortless at all times. Bronde is a celebrity favourite and has honestly never gone out of style, it’s just evolved. It’s also a lot lower maintenance, which at the moment is appealing to clients.

Why do clients love it so much?

Simple – its low maintenance, beautiful and is a perfect choice for those who can’t decide on going light or dark. It’s a good way to introduce clients to colour who perhaps have previously been hesitant and is also much kinder to the hair than a full head bleach! It’s also a celebrity favourite and we know how much clients love celebrity inspiration. For those who are colour clients and are considering changing their look, bronde gives the best of both worlds and can help introduce them to the lighter or darker side.

What do you need to be careful of?

The blend! The last thing you want is a harsh line of colour, so perfecting the blend is the number on priority. Take your time and be sure to blend the colours as much as you can. I personally would recommend colouring freehand as I feel this gives a much better natural look and result.

What bronde shades are going to be hot for 2021?

There are two that I feel will top the trends;

Pearl Bronde: this is a combination of much cooler blonde hues and much darker brunette shades.

Honey Bronde: a mix of beautiful honey glazed blonde tones and beautiful mocha brunettes – much warmer and inviting.

Recommended products for looking after the bronde look?

For all colour clients, I always recommend a professional shampoo and conditioner, created specifically for their hair type and texture, everything I recommend is bespoke to the individual. However, the TIGI Custom Care Colour Shampoo and Conditioner is absolutely fantastic. It prevents breakage, locks in colour and adds a beautiful shine. I always recommend that colour clients use a hair masque at least once per week in order to maintain the health of the hair.


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