Bubble Braids: trending now!

Lately it has been stealing the scene from simpler hairdos like chignons and pony tail. Braids are getting more and more popular for hair lengths that go well below your shoulders. One of the latest variations is Bubble Braids, with the length divvied up into “bubbles”. They have become a very versatile must-have look, ideal for “street” styling and more formal coifs. Even for brides!

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More elaborate or simple

Individual or multiple, bubble braids are making new rules for braided hair-dos with their spherical forms. Bubble braids are a hair look that is apparently very elaborate and scenographic. Actually they are not so difficult to create, at least for the basic version. No need to be an extraordinary hair stylist. All you need is a comb and a few elastics… and obviously very long hair…

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How-to create them?

Like for all braids… decide exactly how many tails you want, high or low, depending on your preferences. Then fix them at the base of your neck with an elastic. Then the pony tail should be divided with the use of elastics placed along the entire length at a regular distance. And indeed, during this phase you will have to decide on the size of the bubbles in your Bubble Braid.

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At this point, you can finish it up. Create the volume of the bubbles by spreading out the hair in each segment made with the elastics. Now all you need to do is adjust the volumes of the bubbles. Try to make them as homogeneous as possible. As an alternative, you can also decide to create a braid with irregularly sized spheres. But remember, they must be very different sizes so that it looks intentional and not just a shabbily done braid.

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Keep it minimal!

This type of braid can easily lend some originality to fancy looks. From elegant to Baroque if you exaggerate with the number of braids and the volumes of the balls. No problem, because Bubble Braids are very versatile.

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And if you want to avoid redundancy and overdoing it, just make it smaller bubbles. You can also use bubbles as an accessory to the hairstyle and not make them the “mane event”. Two small Bubble Braids that frame the face can lend style without appearing excessive. Even bubble braids can evoke understated elegance.

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