Bubblegum: Goldwell’s 2022 Colour of the Year!

Goldwell is proud to introduce the 2022 Colour of the Year: Bubblegum. The retro-futuristic pink shade playfully walks the line between vibrant, hot pink and classic pastels; it also harnesses a bevy of charming dualities that resonate with a diverse audience. 

Gone are the days of pink’s association with feminine roots; it is now a defining colour of the times. The hue also embodies a shift in attitude in fashion, beauty, and lifestyle; also in overall outlook by establishing a newfound level of respect. With an underlying blue tone, Goldwell Bubblegum adds a freshness that is both progressive and balanced; versatile yet measured. 

“This playful, inclusive colour represents diversity, self-identity, fun and freedom; this is something our stylists couldn’t wait to start replicating in their colour formulas,” says John Moroney, Global Creative Director Goldwell. “Striking the unique balance between flirtatious and wholesome, cool and warm, and soft and strong, the dynamic aspects of Bubblegum will also infuse the look with a head-turning dramatic effect like no other.” 

About Goldwell: Goldwell is a salon-quality brand of Kao Salon Division. Its professional hair products bring stylists’ and their clients’ aspirations to life. Since 1948, Goldwell has made breakthrough innovations in the salon industry. It has some well-known sub-brands such as: leading professional color products Topchic, Colorance and Elumen; high-performing care and styling products Kerasilk, Dualsenses and StyleSign; and, technology-based perm and texture products. Goldwell’s complete portfolio, advanced hairdresser education and deep expertise serve together to create a full-service brand, meeting the salon stylist and client desires. With the annual style statement, launched at the impressive Kao Salon Experience Event each year, Goldwell sets the trend in hair fashion to inspire stylists around the world. Visit the Goldwell website for information: www.goldwell.com 

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