Celebrity Fringes – 8 Celebrity Bangs with Staying Power!

Celebrity fringes made a big trend comeback at the beginning of 2023 – and many are standing the test of time. Here are gr-8 notable examples!

Celebrity fringes
Jane Birkin, February 1971. Getty Inages

It’s a big decision for many salon clients and not one to be taken lightly. For those with especially long hair, having a fringe means agreeing to the removal of several inches of hair growth – albeit at the front. Although taking the plunge and going for it, the fringe is a hair option that women soon learn to embrace and invariably stay with for season after season. Celebrity fringes are no exception

Fringes come in all shapes and sizes. There’s the ever-popular curtain fringe, heavy and resting just above the eyelids. In contrast the micro-fringe is cropped and usually feathered, accentuating the forehead and the brows. Named after the gorgeous Anglo-French singer/actor who defined the fringe look in the 1960s, the Birkin fringe is long, light loose, disconnected and the perfect way to add a touch of Parisian chic! The right fringe to choose naturally depends primarily on personal preference and what feels right for your client. Then there’s the texture of the hair and the face shape to consider. Of course the length of the hair is also a determining factor. Who wants to see a micro-fringe contrasted with long, thick, sumptuous curls?

As the Spring/Summer 2023 season progresses, the fringe’s popularity is still at its zenith. Here are our 10 favourite celebrity fringes:

Emma Chamberlain

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Although she’s still only 21, American actor and social media icon Emma has already experimented with a number of different hairstyles including the high ponytail and a rather demure mid-parting. We think she looks fab whatever style she chooses, but with a fringe she’s completed cracked it.

Jennifer Lopez

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As she celebrates 20 years since her phenomenal I’m Glad album, J Lo is still rocking a fringe… and we’re glad, too!

Halle Berry

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Since the lovely Halle Berry delivered her new year message on Instagram wearing a perfect, smoky layered fringe, it’s never really gone away. The good part is that as it’s got softer, longer and more disconnected, it’s become even better!

Claudia Winkleman

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How could anyone feature a list of the best fringes without including Claudia!? Along with her black eyeliner it’s been her trademark look ever since her TV career began in the early 1990s. She’s even reported to have said: “I don’t think I’d have a career if I didn’t have a fringe!”

Selena Gomez

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A few weeks ago, the stunning singer an actress, Selena Gomez, wowed her massive Instagram following with this spectacular shaggy fringe. We haven’t since too much evidence of it since. We’re hoping it makes a comeback soon!

Lady Gaga

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A total transformation from Lady Gaga. What else can we expect from a chameleonic icon who always gets it right… every time. Even when there’s a fringe involved!

Jodie Comer

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Jodie is not an obvious choice when talking about fringes, but there’s always a delightful ambiguity about how her hair frames her face. A fringe, is it or isn’t it. You decide!

Ariana Grande

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It’s not a style that we associate with Ariana, who more often has her beautiful brown locks pulled back tight off her face. We like her with a fringe though and we think we should try it more often!

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