Celebrity Redheads – Top 10 Past and Present!

More than with anything other aspect of their appearance, celebrity redheads carry their hair colour as their most defining feature. Here we take a closer look at just a few, from both the present day and from way back in history!

Here are our top ten celebrity redheads from now and then. Let us know in the comments section who else you think should have been on the list!

Emma Stone – American screen star extraordinaire

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Emma Stone is one of the silver-screen’s faces of the moment. Her beautifully relaxed, yet charming demeanour whenever she appears in public makes her a photographer’s delight. Her auburn locks and generally kept smooth and with a sleek, shiny finish. However, she loves sporting a bit of a curl or a wave to the lengths, ensuring that informality remains the keyword of her total hair look.

Rupert Grint – ‘The red-haired one’ from Harry Potter

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As Ron Weasley, Rupert was one of that threesome of young actors together with Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson who were scooped up and rocketed to stardom when the Harry Potter film series first hit the screens in 2001. Rupert went on to star in a further 7 blockbusters ending in 2011 with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part II. As his career has continued to go from strength to strength, is trademark red hair has remained a defining feature ensuring he’s immediately recognised wherever he goes!

Rita Hayworth – The ultimate Hollywood beauty

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What more is there to say about Rita Hayworth – one of the undisputed beauties and the ultimate redhead from the Golden Age of Hollywood? She was everything that a film star should be – stunningly beautiful, talented and with a captivating aura about her that made her every man’s favourite pin-up girl. But we’re talking Celebrity Redheads here. So was she a natural redhead? Alas not, but honestly, who really cares?

Queen Elizabeth I of England – tyrant, heroine, icon

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Who knows if it was the nautical skill of Frances Drake and the Elizabethan English seafarers, or the flaming red locks of their magnificent queen who put fear of God into the Spanish Armada? Whatever it was, the invading force came to a very sticky end and nobody ever came close again! Portraits from the time suggest that Elizabeth I went on to wear a not-very-fetching array of curly, orange wigs, but there is no question that she was a true redhead… both in terms of hair colour AND personality!

Ed Sheeran – British musician, loved by all

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Singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran has recently announced that later this year he will be releasing his fifth studio album – yet another benchmark in a musical career that saw him begin writing and performing his own songs aged just eleven. Still in his early 30s , Ed’s list of musical accolades is far too long to write out it full, but it’s worth mentioning that he won his first Brit Award aged 21 and by the time he was 25 he had already had 10 top ten hits in the UK singles chart. Aesthetically, Ed’s look has remained fairly constant through his career so far, although in more recent years, he has opted for a more ruffled, ‘undone’ hairstyle and, of course, his facial hair has become more a feature.

The Duke of Sussex – ex-HRH, but king campaigner for being kind to others

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At one time, there was lots of unfounded and highly scurrilous speculation in the gutter press as to where Prince Harry’s red hair came from. All utterly ridiculous, nasty headline-grabbing gossip; especially when you look how many other members of the Windsor and Spencer families, past and present, have had red hair. In stark contrast to his beautiful, impeccably turned out wife Meghan, Harry has never seemed to be that bothered about his appearance. Since he stepped back from royal duties in 2020, we’ve seen starchy royal suits replaced with casual taken to the extreme. Definitely now one of our more laid-back Celebrity Redheads… and it suits him.

Nicole Kidman – Legendary Aussie, cinema great

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Nicole is as versatile in her work as an actor as she is experimental in her hairstyles! Throughout a glittering career in which she has utterly wowed cinema audiences worldwide, she has worn her fantastic titian locks in a vast number of styles. While many of her hair looks have been dictated by the role she’s been playing on-screen, she has for the most part maintained the hair colour for which she has become so associated throughout her career.

Lily Cole – Supermodel, Environmentalist

Celebrity Redheads
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Lily is one of that élite band of girls that can truly be described as supermodels, but she’s also an actor, author and film director! On the career path for which she is most well-known, however, she has worked in collaboration with many of the top fashion houses in the world, including Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Jean Paul Gaultier and Moschino. A prolific environmental campaigner, Lily recently published a book called Who Cares Wins, which she has also made into a podcast detailing and exploring issues relating to how our lives impact the world we all share.

Eddie Redmayne – Actor, Cambridge graduate, lovely man

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What’s not to love about Eddie? His quintessentially English disposition and warm personality make him so endearing to the public that such trivia such as the colour of his hair become almost incidental. Winner of an Oscar, a Tony, a BAFTA and two Olivier Awards, Eddie Redmayne was even appointed Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) in HM The Queen’s 2015 Birthday Honours for services to drama. 

Sir Winston Churchill – Greatest Briton of the 20th Century (probably ever)

Celebrity Redheads

Here’s one you probably didn’t expect to find in a list of famous redheads! The reason is very simple. Having been born in 1874, any film footage or photography of Mr. Churchill in his younger years would’ve been in black-and-white. By the time colour came onto the scene his hair had long turned grey! Nevertheless, we can assure you that Sir Winston had bright titian hair in his younger years. In fact, they called him “Copperknob” at school!

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