Changing Time by Rudy Mostarda

Global Creative Director Alfaparf Milano Professional, Rudy Mostarda, takes us on a journey of introduction to the concept of his new collection – Changing Time.

“You need to have tenacity and courage to assume your own identity and understand who you really are,” explains Rudy Mostarda, Global Creative Director Alfaparf Milano Professional. “Individualism classless and its visual art needs viewing through someone’s eyes. Real success is seeing a girl walking and wearing it on the street.”

“Our collection doesn’t need to tell you a story – either you like it or you don’t. It is contemporary, without labels, telling of a beauty without boundaries. It must show each protagonist according to their physicality and morphology in order to express authentic beauty.

“In our Changing Time collection, it was inevitable that Viva Magenta, the 2023 Pantone of the Year would appear. It’s a pulsating, exuberant shade that transmits optimism, happiness and a new vision. We present it to you in a geometric cut, with well-defined perimeters that frame the face as if it were a painting. However, at the same time it’s light, enveloping and dynamic.”

Hair: Rudy Mostarda Global Creative Director Alfaparf Milano Professional 
MUA: Maurizio Calabro 
Photos: Stratis Kas 
Production: Extrema Hair by Rudy Mostarda 

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