ChromaSilk Creme Beige: 4 New Color Shades

Pravana is reintroducing ChromaSilk Creme Beige with 4 new shades: Very Light Beige/Golden Blonde, Neutral Beige Blonde, Dark Neutral Beige Blonde, and Light Intense Beige Blonde.

ChromaSilk Creme Beige series feature a collection of not so basic and balanced shades that stylists can use as a tool or grab and go color and always result in high shine, and on trend color. A color in a league of its own, beige is anything but basic and all things balanced.

Inspired by a major Tweed & Mushroom Brown trend, ChromaSilk Creme Beige .22 and blended neutrals have new family members! These colors are a homage to the empowered spirit of Pravana.

9.23 / 9BVg Very Light Beige/Golden Blonde

No brown base is what makes 9.23 the optimal grab-and-go blended tone for a beige level 9. 70% blue-violet will counteract the natural yellow pigments while the 30% gold keeps your beige blonde reflective and balanced.

7.Nt2 / 7Ntbv Neutral Beige Blonde & 6.Nt2 / 6Ntbv Dark Neutral Beige Blonde

A 70% neutral base and 30% blue-violet tone ensures up to 100% gray coverage. These blended tones neutralize warmth for a truly neutral beige result.

5.22 / 5BVBV Light Intense Beige Brown

Provides a delicious deep beige tone by neutralizing the natural level 5 underlying pigments of orange with an intense double tone of blue-violet and no brown base.

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