Classic & Contemporary – Two New Collections by Avlon

The Classic & Contemporary Collections take their cue from natural elements and their transformative power in creative beautiful hair.

Classic & Contemporary

Delving into raw materials and harnessing their hues, the Classic & Contemporary Collections by Avlon employ texture and shapes to ignite the senses. 

Classic Collection

Creating bold, durable aesthetics in hair craft, the Classic Collection was inspired by the natural formation of curl. It demonstrates the fluidity and dimension of texture whilst staying true to the natural curl formation from root to tip.

Contemporary Collection

The Contemporary Collection pushes the envelope, demonstrating the flexibilities of textures hair across all hair types. Utilising the art of dexterity in movement the collection shows how you can create foundational shape within natural form.

Hair: Jacqui McIntosh, Aileen Francis, Korell Williams, Lathaniel Chambers & Assisting Avlon Salon – Stylenation by Kimmy Photography: Chris Bulezuik Styling: Clare Frith

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