Climate Resilience – No Evidence of Greenwash Here!

Climate resilience requires a practical approach to facing up to the challenges of achieving net-zero require an effective game plan. In bid for openness and transparency Anne Veck and Keith Mellon share the details of both their Co2 Reduction and Biodiversity Plans.

Climate Resilience

“When it comes to climate resilience, we feel it is so important to be open and honest about where, what and how we are working towards our own sustainability targets at any time and we hope it will encourage others to become more sustainable in their hairdressing practice too,” comments Keith.

Get Nature Positive! Anne Veck Limited’s Nature Positive Business Plan.

Anne and Keith’s climate resilience plans (see link above and below) show that important actions need not be difficult. ‘”If we can do it you can do it too,” adds Keith. “We know that salons love awards and success which is why we have also shared our winning entries that show the detail of this work, again hopefully inspiring others to aim high and be recognised for the work they are doing. 

The Race to Zero! Anne Veck Limited’s Carbon Emissions Reduction Plan.

As part of their commitment to keeping sustainability high on the agenda Anne weaves this into her creative work and also her educational sessions.

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