Colouring Techniques by Brian Leo Mccallum

“One of my favourite colouring techniques has to be Air Touch Balayage,” says Brian Leo McCallum of Roar Hair & Beauty in Glasgow. “This is where I use the air from the hair drier to remove the hair I don’t want to be coloured, and leave me with the pieces I do want to colour. It creates a gorgeous, seamless blend. As a result of the seamless finish this gives, there is no need to back comb the hair. Making it super comfortable for the guest when we get to the backwash.

“Another favourite colouring technique of mine is Scrunching. I love this method of colour application for guests who wear their hair naturally. It’s an amazing and fast way to create a subtle ombré effect that gives dimension to the hair. I love this technique with Goldwell’s Blonding Cream and System Thickener as it gives the best consistency to be able to scrunch it right into the hair. Not only does this technique give a gorgeous finish, it’s really fun too!

“I live for techniques like holographic colour and rainbow placement. However, most guests don’t want to be in the salon for too long so I love using sponges instead. Yes, you heard me sponges. This lets me ‘blob’ vivid colours on over pre lightened hair to give me some unique panels which are textured and fun. The trick with this one is that the hair tone has to be perfect before we add the colour using sponges. Silverise the hair first to ensure you get a gorgeous result every time.

“Last but not least I couldn’t forget our signature ROAR Lights technique. At ROAR we have a very specific way in which we highlight. This gives maximum coverage because we apply the foils in a diagonal direction across the scalp. This ensure there is no stripes and the highlights look like they have grown from the scalp. I think that is why our ROAR lights service is by far our most popular in the salon.”

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