Continued Learning

In a competitive market, your skills and services need to stand out. But, with techniques, products and treatments always evolving, how do you ensure that you’re at the forefront of industry development in order to build and maintain a loyal customer base? Lash Factor share the answer, continued learning!

What is continued learning?

No matter how many qualifications you have under your belt, you’re never done learning. New technologies and methods are always emerging in the beauty industry, meaning there’s no end to the skills you can acquire. By consciously going out of your way to learn new techniques and improve your practice, you are undertaking continued learning.

By failing to make continued learning a priority in your salon, you’ll likely find that you’re left behind. As new formulas and treatments emerge, your services and results likely won’t match up to those of your peers.

So, how can you seek out continued learning opportunities?

Social Media

In recent years there has been a rise in beauty techs showcasing their work on Instagram, making it easier than ever to access free continued learning opportunities. Whilst Instagram shouldn’t be the only place you turn to level up your skills, many professionals are highlighting their must-have products and trade secrets on the platform.

To get the most out of Instagram for continued learning, make sure to follow people whose work inspires you and ask questions to gain further insight. Don’t forget to save useful posts that you might want to come back to!


Alongside the rise of professional beauty tech influencers, is the rise of online masterclasses. With so many on offer, there are plenty of opportunities for you to invest in continued development from the comfort of your home.

Although a financial investment is still required, this is a great option for those who struggle to carve out the time for in-person training. Plus, online masterclasses make it easier to learn from techs across the globe that you otherwise might not have an opportunity to visit.

1-2-1 Shadowing

In-person courses have always been the gold standard for acquiring new skills, but most are marketed towards those new to the industry, or new to a specific treatment. However, hands-on experience is invaluable when it comes to gaining new knowledge in the beauty industry.

1-2-1 shadowing helps to fill the gap for already qualified techs looking to participate in a continued learning opportunity in person. The best way to seek out shadowing opportunities is to reach out to techs who influence you and ask if they’d be willing to host you for a day.

Make sure to clarify what you hope to achieve from a session with them so that you can get the most out of the experience. Don’t forget to communicate if you’re looking for hands-on practice so that the tech can run this past their clients beforehand.


Often combining masterclasses, talks and networking events provide plenty of upskilling opportunities. Many events will host a range of brands and/or artists showcasing their skills, so you can cherry-pick the techniques that resonate with you from a range of qualified and experienced professionals.

Plus, with many of your peers in attendance, you’ll have the chance to connect with other like-minded techs. This could lead to further continued learning opportunities, such as creating support groups and swapping product recommendations and treatment tips.

No matter your experience, there’s always room to better your skills to ensure your clients are getting the most out of their treatments. That’s why continued learning is essential for techs looking to stay at the forefront of the industry.

As we’ve explored, there’s no shortage of opportunities available. The most important thing is to set an intention to expand your knowledge.

Expand your skills!

A great place to start learning is at The Lash and Brow Event on Sunday 22nd October 2023 in Birmingham. Here, you’ll get to experience talks and masterclasses from some of the industry’s biggest brands, such as Elleebana, Sienna X, Supercilium, Monica Ivani and more to be announced.

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