Copper: The New Star Shade for Spring 2021

Copper: The New Star Shade for Spring 2021

Until now, blonde was the star shade in hairdressing salons. Montibello experts have affirmed however, that this spring an equally flattering tone could be clinching the top spot: COPPER!

Until recently it has something of a clique following, but copper began to prevail strongly at the end of last year thanks to the success of series such as The Queen’s Gambit and The Undoing, whose protagonists, Anna Taylor-Joy and Nicole Kidman, wore flattering copper tones.

But its influence has been such that in 2021, it is already one of the most desired colours – lockdown release pending!  “This trend will increase more during spring, when we are looking for brighter shades to say goodbye to the winter months and give welcome to the good weather,” says Jose Suárez, Director of the Florent Suárez salon, in A Coruña. “This period of mental exhaustion we are all enduring is causing consumers to dare to innovate, to play around with their image and to hunt down looks and styles which they would never have dared to consider until now.”

Imanol Oliver, Director of the Imanol Oliver Estilistas salon, in Cartagena, Murcia, adds: “The chicest blondes of this year are no longer cool, they are warm like the vanilla sun. And the top spot for light and blonde chestnuts goes to the more intense shades of copper. These sensual tones are very flattering for almost all skin tones and types. This is something that our clients have begun to discover, which is why they are asking us more and mmore for this particular shade, either as a full colour or as highlights.”

 If you have fair skin, you should opt for a more natural copper hue, with slight shades of brown and gold. In this way, you will be able to highlight the clarity of your skin. If, on the other hand, your skin is darker or olive, opt for purer or more vibrant copper tones, which will bring luminosity to your face. In both cases, it is possible to combine different tones from the copper range and different heights of tone in the same hair, to achieve depth and a multi-toned effect that provides movement and evokes the effect that natural hair visually transmits.

Celebrities Who Have Said YES to Copper

Nicole Kidman: She has brought back her iconic red hair for her latest series, The Undoing (Amazon Prime).

Lily Collins: the star of Emily in Paris has joined the ‘copper’ trend by wearing attractive copper highlights on her brunette hair.

Anna Taylor-Joy: The protagonist of the acclaimed The Queen’s Gambit contributed to the copper boom at the end of the year.

Emma Stone: natural blonde, the protagonist of La La Land assures that she began to get relevant roles when she dyed her hair copper.


Top image: Copper made with DÉNUÉE, vegan and ammonia-free colour that mimics the shade of natural hair.