Cuticle Crisis Solved!

 In Need of Expert Cuticle Care? HIVE® has the Solution. 

Clients may spend hour upon hour considering what colour trend their nails will be wearing this season but sadly it could all be in vain if the nail does not have a healthy looking appearance. Preparation is essential in every nail-care routine and providing nail technicians with a professional, quick and effective method of lifting overgrown, dry and dead cuticles was HIVE®’s mandate as they conceived their latest product, HIVE® Cuticle Remover with Passion Fruit 200ml, available NOW! 

Developed to effectively soften and remove damaged or excess cuticles from the nails. The proficient formulation helps to restore an attractive, healthy appearance to the nail outline. Helping therapists and nail technicians to create the perfect base for high level manicure or pedicure treatments, thus creating a stage capable of showcasing their talent and presenting results that will leave clients enthused. 

Vegan friendly and paraben-free, HIVE® Cuticle Remover is further enhanced with the sweet fragrance of Passion Fruit which will slowly envelop the senses of both client and therapist as the quick absorbing gel-like formula drapes itself over the treatment area as it is gently massaged in, softening the affected cuticles and allowing them to be easily pushed back and removed. 

Apply the solution to the cuticle as part of any manicure or pedicure treatment to achieve next level nail results! 

HIVE® Cuticle Remover with Passionfruit 200ml 

The HIVE® Solutions range is available from all good wholesalers

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