Cutting Hair, Cutting Waste

Cutting Hair, Cutting Waste

 East Midlands salon group, KH Hair, is proud to announce a new partnership with the Green Salon Collective (GSC) in a bid to increase recycling of waste and reduce pollution in the environment.

GSC provides salons with a service to recycle traditionally impossible to recycle items such as hair, foil, chemicals, and colour tubes. KH Hair Group’s 21 salons will be provided with separation kits for hair, metal, and chemicals, preventing them being sent to landfill and allowing almost every single piece of waste to be turned into something new.

KH Hair Managing Director, Darren Messias, says the Group is on a mission to salon sustainability:  “We are really excited to start making all our salons more ethical and responsible than ever before with their waste,” he explains. “According to a study at Southampton University, 99% of salon foil ends up in landfill, but by partnering with Green Salon Collective, 100% of our foil will be recycled. We’ll even be able to recycle hair which will be used to make hair boom and mat projects that could help to soak up oil spills in oceans across the world or be used for gardening and composting.”

 The UK-wide initiative aims to make the hairdressing industry more sustainable. “The disposal of unused toxic colour down the sink and tubes and foils in the general waste have a negative impact on the environment,” adds Darren. “But by working with GSC, we can really make a difference. We are introducing a £1 ‘green fee’ to each visit so, when clients see us in the salon, they’ll be helping us to save our planet too!”

KH Hair is the first salon group in the East Midlands to sign up to the Green Salon Collective initiative.  Its Nottingham, Arnold and Sadlergate salons will begin the GSC journey when they reopen on 12th April.  The rest of the salons and the training academy will join the scheme in June. 

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