Dave Stanko: JPMS™ Technical Director of Hair Color

Dave Stanko knows hair and hair color chemisty. And he just loves empowering hairstylists as the Technical Director of Hair Color for Paul Mitchell® Professional.

When David Stanko joined the JPMS™ family, a new role was made-to-measure just for him: Technical
Director of Hair Color for Paul Mitchell® Professional
. Nothing else quite fit. Instead, David ‘s hands-on working style is a perfect fit when it comes to collaborating between Research & Development, Marketing and Salon Development. This is because his versatility makes Stanko a “Renaissance” hairdresser! He is a seasoned expert in hair color chemistry, real-life salon usage, and consumers’ ever-shifting priorities. His role as JPMS™ Technical Director of Hair Color combined with the company’s renowned innovative leadership will ensure continued growth as a global force in hair color.

At the time, Valerie George, Vice President of Research and Development at JPMS™, said, “David has a rich history in professional color and is highly esteemed in the industry for his expertise. We’re extremely excited to explore the future of color at JPMS now that David has joined our team.”

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Estetica USA asked David Stanko more about this challenging role as JPMS™ Technical Director of Hair Color in developing Paul Mitchell Professional hair color products.


Over the years, I’ve been to hundreds of industry events. Whenever the JPMS crew was onsite, there was a sense of fun and energy that was obvious and infectious. I was so serious early on in my career. It was only later that I thought about how cool it would be to join a family that keeps it on the light side and can turn work into play. Today, JPMS is laser-focused on building their hair color business. So, man-oh-man, what an opportunity to be part of that journey.

What are your plans for making future contributions to the brand, the industry, and leaving your mark in terms of color products and applications?

I bring my salon colorist outsider’s perspective and a strong, competitive knowledge of both professional and consumer hair color. That is a fairly unusual mix of skills, and I’ll use it to continue to fight the good fight for hair color, which is a very unique category in the beauty business,

I’d like to leave my mark as the voice of STYLIST for marketing. I strive to become the person who establishes guardrails for the user and the interpreter of the more complicated aspects of color. I hope to succeed in turning them into simple development direction and client conversations.

In terms of products and applications, wait for it!…. I’d love to see a brass-free lightener that lifts 10 levels in a single step, a product that covers 100% gray at a level 11, a full collection of permanent hair color that processes in under 10 minutes, a cure for gray hair and world peace. LOL. Realistically, I think I can help people understand these things aren’t possible. Instead, I might develop a good balayage bleach that doesn’t dry out. In today’s social-media speak, I’d also like to “normalize” the use of hair dyes, ammonia and bleach.

Behind a desk, behind the chair, or in front of a class…which is your favorite role?

As a Gemini, I find that variety isn’t the spice of life – it’s my main course! If I had to prioritize the order would be — in front of a class, behind the chair, and at a desk. Fortunately, my new role at JPMS is very hands-on and every week a mix of these three things keeps me challenged, inspired and interested. As long as it’s about hair color, count me in. Happy Coloring!

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