Deliver effective results

In an exclusive interview with David Suzuki, CEO of Bio-Therapeutic, we find out all the details on their innovative advanced skincare devices which are delivering relaxing and effective treatments across salons in more than 35 countries.

In this time of rapid change, where is the industry headed?

What I’ve noticed is that the skin therapists using technology in their services are excelling, because they are offering professional grade services that the client simply cannot do at home. There’s also been a shift from bulky, expensive in-room technology to more nimble, handheld units. Our future therapists, aren’t prepared to take on a lot of debt to bring on these traditional units, nor are they limiting their businesses to a traditional salon. Portability is a must.

Bio-Therapeutic talks a lot about “technology accelerated skin care” – what does that mean?

A great skin therapist has the true power of touch, but we believe the future must include a combination of technology and touch in the service; this is what we mean by technology accelerated skin care. We’re advocating for a union of touch and technology because a service that does that well, speaks to all the different dimensions of a client’s needs. We want to deliver a facial that makes us feel connected to ourselves; but we also want amazing results at the same time, the type of results that simply cannot be achieved at home.

Bio-Therapeutic is best known as the pioneer of microcurrent in skincare – what are the benefits of it?

Microcurrent works with the body, particularly the body as a subtle energetic system. This is quite different to the trendy services shown on social media where we have seen damage to the skin, resulting in inflammation and accelerated ageing, results that many of these cheaper machines cause over time. With microcurrent facial lifting and toning, we are applying a unique combination of kinaesthetic which lifts the facial landscape using the delivery of frequency specific energy wave shapes. This unique combination helps to energise the skin, and deliver more dramatic lifting results that also cumulatively improve with each session. Microcurrent technology is sub-sensory, so the client doesn’t typically feel anything as the energy is flowing across the skin. Because it works with the body, it doesn’t cause any of the trauma that we see with more invasive services.

There are other microcurrent devices on the market – what makes yours different?

Unfortunately, because you can’t see microcurrent, it’s being exploited by a number of unethical suppliers. We’ve brought a number of these devices into our lab, and you see one of two things; either the energy being delivered is far below the therapeutic zone, so it’s basically doing nothing. Or, worse, it’s delivering current well above the therapeutic zone, which means it’s causing uncontrolled muscle contraction, and over time, fatigue and muscle laxity – which can lead to drooping.

Bio-Therapeutic microcurrent technology is computer calibrated over 1,024 times per second, and delivers frequency specific wave shapes in the therapeutic zone. We call this technology ‘Suzuki Sequencing’, named after my father, a Boeing electrical engineer who originally pioneered this technology. Suzuki Sequencing helps ensure that the energy being delivered to the skin remains in the therapeutic zone and is using frequencies and wave shapes associated with the desired result on the skin. This is important, because everyone’s skin conductivity is different, and changes over time.

Our technology dynamically adapts in real time, taking all the guesswork out of the service for the skin therapist. Our technology is also different because we deliver two channels across four energy pathways, as opposed to the typical single channel you see in other company’s devices. This provides vastly more coverage to the facial surface, making the service much more efficient and effective because the current flows across a canvassing pattern instead of in a straight, thin line between two points.

What’s your latest launch our readers should know about?

We have just launched the bt-sculpt, a handheld microcurrent unit that brings the power of our larger equipment to the convenience of a rechargeable handheld. We also engineered a unique hinge mechanism on the bt-sculpt that provides the optimum level of kinaesthetic lift to the face, making it much easier to use than our traditional probes for skin therapists who are newer to microcurrent. The small footprint and approachability is making the bt-sculpt a great choice for our students, as well. We simply cannot keep them in stock in the UK!



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