Dr Lisa Cameron MP Visits Rainbow Room Salon

Dr Lisa Cameron MP, visited the Rainbow Room International East Kilbride salon to meet with Owner, Adrian Foxworthy. This was to discuss the challenges of Covid-19 over the last year; and also to gain feedback on the impact of any Government support received.

The National Hair & Beauty Federation (NHBF) organised the programme discussed with Dr Lisa Cameron MP. MPs/MSPs would visit salons across the UK from August – October and meet with salon owners and employees. The objective has been to discuss the main challenges surrounding Covid-19. These include the issues around re-opening, the business environment in East Kilbride as well as government support; also to discuss areas where the UK and Devolved Governments could provide further support in the future.

MP, Lisa Cameron with Rainbow Room International East Kilbride Director, Adrian Foxworthy.

Dr Lisa Cameron MP, said: ‘It was fantastic to meet local salon owner Adrian Foxworthy and to hear from the team about the challenges facing this key sector in East Kilbride as they work to return to a more recognisable business environment. The pandemic has really impacted on the hair & beauty sector . A number of issues raised will inform our work in Parliament, particularly on the challenges facing the hairdressing industry. I will certainly be pushing for more support from the Government on ensuring hairdressers are proportionately included in the Governments Covid-19 recovery plans”. 

Local salon owner and director, Adrian Foxworthy added: ‘It was good to talk about business issues with our local MP Lisa Cameron this week who was attentive to our issues’.

Rainbow Room International

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