Dreamweave & Co is back! 

After a brief absence from the UK cosmetics market, Dreamweave & Co has been resurrected by its new owner, Anna Tinsley, who has rebranded and revitalised one of the most sought-after mascara and lip plumper brands of the last decade.

Known for its technologically advanced products, Dreamweave & Co has always been a favourite cosmetic staple for many.  As well as the products doing exactly what they claim; no panda eyes, no clumps, no flakes and no smudging; the peptide formulations within the products also gave beneficial gains to the body such as long-term increases in collagen production resulting in longer, stronger and fuller lashes and also beautifully plumped and luscious lips.

The new ownership took place in November 2022 and these first few months have been focused on relighting the UK’s awareness that Dreamweave & Co is back and available from many UK salons, stockists and online stores.

Anna has further shown her enthusiasm by stating ‘I am so excited to have the opportunity to bring the Dreamweave & Co brand back to life!  I had been the distributor for Australia and New Zealand for the last 5 years and when I was told that the company was closing, I was devastated that the products would no longer be manufactured.  I just knew that I couldn’t let this happen, so I decided to buy the assets of the company and re-launch Dreamweave & Co with a fresh new look and feel for 2023!

The product range still includes all the old favourites, such as the Lash Magnet Mascara that was dubbed the ‘Eyelash extension in a tube’ by the UK press.  However, a new and improved Lip Voltage Lip Plumper is due to be released at the start of next year to the delight of many!

Our products are now all back in stock and available for purchase from many of our wonderful stockists or on our website www.dreamweave.co

So, make sure you see what all the hype is about, whether you’re a loyal long term customer or a newbie to the Dreamweave & Co brand, get yourself the best mascara and lip plumper you will ever own!  Dreamweave & Co is a brand you can trust when you need them most, and you can be confident that they will always stay in place and leave you looking fresh, youthful and always actively enhancing your natural beauty.


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