Enter International Haircutting Month

Distinguished hairdressing organization Intercoiffure America Canada names October, “International Haircutting Month”.

Intercoiffure America Canada (ICA) is aware that the haircut is the foundation of a beautifully groomed look for men or women, and because of this they named October ‘International Haircutting Month.’

Great hair color only looks great with a proper haircut, the haircut can make thin hair look better, a haircut can enhance a person’s face and style regardless of the race, gender, or age. 

As the voice of salon owners, ICA is organizing a united public relations campaign inside and outside the beauty industry, to showcase perfectly cut hair. Not only will ICA be promoting imagery of the craft of haircutting, but members of the organization throughout America and Canada will be doing so as well. Social media posts will be easily recognizable, as they’ll include the #haircuttingmonth hashtag. 

Throughout October, we will be encouraging a conversation around the craft of haircutting, spotlighting the value to salon owners, stylists, schools, students, and consumers.

In November 2022 a website dedicated to spotlighting the craft of haircutting will launch, a preview is available at https://nationalhaircuttingmonth.com

Intercoiffure America Canada is one of forty sections (countries) within a global organization, Intercoiffure Mondial. As hairdressers from across the world, we are united together by this organization and diversity is at our core.

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