Fellowship Launch Silver Stars

The Fellowship have launched their Silver Stars status designed for long-standing members of the Fellowship who have for many years contributed and supported in many ways by providing them with a Fellowship Lifetime Contribution to Hairdressing – (F.L.C.H. Status) which offers them the opportunity to be an integral part of the Fellowship community and culture.

The “Lifetime of Contribution to Hairdressing” is a distinguished and esteemed recognition that celebrates the exceptional and enduring contributions of senior hairdressers who have devoted their lives to the art and craft of hairdressing. As these esteemed members of the Fellowship embark on a well-deserved slower pace in their working life, their journey of contribution does not end; instead, it evolves into a new chapter filled with continued impact and inspiration.

Recognising the invaluable wealth of knowledge, experience, and creativity that these hairdressers possess, a dedicated WhatsApp group has been created to foster a thriving platform for continued collaboration and contribution. Managed by the Fellowship, this group serves as a dynamic forum where senior hairdressers can connect, share ideas, and actively participate in shaping the continued success of the hairdressing industry.

In this virtual hub of innovation, senior hairdressers can be the catalysts for change, offering valuable insights, guidance, and advice to the new generation of hairdressers. Their voices remain influential, and their suggestions are not only welcomed but also genuinely considered and implemented.

Within this supportive community, they have the chance to impart their tried and tested techniques, time-honoured wisdom, and creative visions, ensuring that their legacy is perpetuated through the future endeavours of the industry.

Their collective wealth of experience and unwavering passion continues to shape the industry’s evolution, elevating the standards of hairdressing worldwide.

“The Fellowship aims to provide something for all our members from the youngest ClubStar member to our most senior members and from this philosophy Silver Stars was established. We have many senior members who are still active in the industry and who want to remain involved, and Silver Stars provides the perfect opportunity for this. We are known for having an incredible heritage within the industry and with the Silver Stars membership we are continuing to embrace an everlasting legacy.” adds CEO Barry Stephens.


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