Fibre Clinix: High Performance Customization

Schwarzkopf Professional Fibre Clinix helps to instantly transform your client’s hair fibre back to its virgin condition.

Schwarzkopf Professional Fibre Clinix is a salon exclusive, fully modular hair care regime. These modules succeed in applying cutting-edge science with customisation from salon to home care, thanks to the most advanced and powerful repair technology.

Fibre Clinix

The results are:

  • Up to 10x stronger hair1
  • Complete sealing of hair porosity2
  • Restores inner & outer hair structure for up to 60 days3
  • Transform the hair fibre back to its virgin condition with Triple Bonding & C21 Technology4.

Indeed, the Fibre Clinix experience starts in the salon with a professional consultation using the Schwarzkopf Professional SalonLab Smart Analyzer. Then a prescribed home care regime according to your client’s individual hair needs helps to maintain and prolong results until the next salon visit.

Start with the Schwarzkopf Professional SalonLab Smart Analyzer consultation. This enables hairdressers to analyze hair at a molecular level. Voilà! No more guesswork about which products and services best suit each client’s hair type. Even better, this hand-held device is lightweight and comfortable, yet provides haptic feedback and instant results.


With Fibre Clinix, Schwarzkopf’s most advanced and powerful repair technology targets inner and outer hair damage. It reconstructs the hair surface and connects inner hair bonds to transform the hair fibre back to its virgin condition4.

First and foremost, an advanced Triple Bonding Technology strengthens the hair structure from within. Thanks to a tri-valent ion, it builds new bonds through the creation of a 3-dimensional network inside the hair fibre, leading to hair that is up to 10x stronger1.

Secondly, C21 Technology consists of a highly effective, conditioning agent that works to protect and seal the hair’s surface, restoring all C21-Lipid chains present in the cuticle.

It all starts with the Fibre Clinix In-Salon Tribond Shampoo and the Tribond Treatment for Fine Hair to address the daily needs of dry, damaged and coloured hair. This quick and easy backbar service delivers high quality hair in very little time. Then there is a series of specifically targeted booster products follows: Fortify Booster, Vibrancy Booster, Hydrate Booster, Volumize Booster, or Tame Booster.

Getting to the root of the matter!

Scalp Clinix is a salon exclusive, fully customizable scalp care regime covering from salon to home care. This in-salon service offers high-performing microbiome active technology and customized skincare-inspired ingredients. Biotic Technology with microbiome active meets your client’s individual scalp needs. These may include all dandruff types, dry, delicate & oily scalps, and even hair loss. Moreover, it can be easily embedded into the Fibre Clinix regime with minimum added time. This more holistic approach can also help hairdressers set themselves apart as being both scalp and hair experts.

Home care follow-up

As with any personal care regime, home care and maintenance are required to keep that salon-fresh look. So Schwarzkopf Professional Fibre Clinix offers targeted retail products to prolong and maintain salon results.

Fibre Clinix Fortify for damaged and over-processed hair. This the formula with Niacinamide strengthens and nourishes the hair fibre.

Fibre Clinix Vibrancy for coloured treated hair. The ingredient AHA enhances colour vibrancy for long-lasting colour results.

Fibre Clinix Hydrate is for dry and brittle hair. The formula contains the Squalane Complex to balance the moisture level and help increase elasticity.

Fibre Clinix Volumize for fine and weak hair. In this formula,h Phytokine provides lightweight hair feeling and fullness

Fibre Clinix Tame for coarse, frizzy and unmanageable hair. Thanks to Ceramide, these products can visibly tame the hair structure and smoothen the surface and anti-frizz effect.

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1When used with Fibre Clinix regime vs. untreated hair
2Wet combing text vs. untreated hair
3When used with Fibre Clinix home care regime
4Biophysical combing tests of the regime of medium bleached hair vs. virgin hair

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