Find your mojo

Introducing Dojo, a payment solution to take secure and fast payments in your salon. In this exclusive interview, Payment Consultant Ryan Palmer, presents the benefits Dojo offers to your salon. 

Please introduce us to Dojo and how your business experience has developed the brand. 

Dojo is a premium card machine that offers unique features and services that salon businesses have wanted for years. Dojo is a product that has been built on customers’ pain points and needs. From helping you trade to getting you paid, we create tools and services that take the hassle out of running a business.

I have worked within the business industry for over eight years as a business owner. This experience opened my eyes to what businesses need to operate more efficiently. We are not just a payments company, we look after you and meet your needs every step of the way.

Explain why salon owners should choose Dojo.

Salon owners are extremely busy and want to be able to have a fast connection and someone to call directly if you need them. 

These are the benefits when using Dojo:

– 4G Roaming Sim (WiFi not required, connects to the best network in the area)

– Next-day payments (get paid every day, including weekends and bank holidays)

– Short-term contract from one month rolling

– Integrates with Salon IQ, Salon Tracker, Salon Partner, iSalon, Total Salon Control and Salon Precision Epos Systems

– No upfront costs or hidden fees and simple billing

– Three months free card machine

– We pay off the cost of your existing provider

          Changing payment systems can be daunting, do you offer clients sufficient support?

People think changing payment systems is a long process, I make this simple for you. I’ll fill out an application form with the information you give me about your business details and personal information. I then submit the application for your business to get approved. Your machine arrives the next day, I will attend to set the machine up. The application takes ten minutes and then your machine will be ready to take payments in less than 48 hours.

          What do existing clients praise about Dojo?

Many businesses praise their relationship with Dojo. If you are signed up under me, I become your Account Manager, you can call me at any time and message me any questions. They also love how quick the machine is and the speed of the transaction. No more waiting for payments, as well as offering different payment options: over the phone, virtual terminal and payment links as well as chip and pin. 

Get in contact for more information and to arrange a quick call or appointment: 

Instagram: @Palms_Payment_Solutions


Phone: 07460889198

We have short contracts and one month free because we are confident you will find your ‘Dojo’ with us. Come directly to me for special offers only through the Salon Magazine.

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