Barbershop Retail Opportunity

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It doesn’t take a genius to work out that barbershops make money from cutting hair. But what if there were other easy ways to generate revenue? Who wouldn’t be interested?! We bring you barbershop retail!

Barbershop clients put a lot of trust in their barbers especially when it’s anything hair related.

How to style their hair? What type of style suits them? And what they should style it with?

If you are giving this advice already but not offering products to sell, you are missing a huge trick!

But Finest Barbers is here to help with the finest barbershop retail.

We have the easiest sell for your shop. Importantly, the products are of high quality and have great retail margins. Most of us are already familiar with Hairbond United Kingdom but here’s an insight if not.

Hairbond 50ml Barbershop Retail Price £14

The Hairbond 50ml barbershop retail size is perfect for anybody trying the Hairbond brand for the first time. This size will last anybody upto a few months with frequent use. Remember with Hairbond products a little goes a long way.

With Finest Barbers barbershop retail partner pricing, it gives you margin to play with, whether that is to generate healthy additional profits for your shop or whether you wish to give away some of the value to your clients by charging them less than the retail price.

But hurry, this size is now only available in the Hairbond Moulder Professional Hair Shaper, Gripper Professional Hair Pomade and Shaper Professional Hair Toffee until finally being discontinued.

Hairbond 100ml Barbershop Retail Price £21

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Once your customers try their favourite Hairbond products they will forever look for the 100ml size as the pricing means they get more bang for their buck! This size can last customers anywhere between a couple of months to a year. With additional margin at your end, you can consider selling for maximum profits, or giving value, by competing with the Hairbond online prices.

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This size is available in the following, Wonder Professional Hair Mask, Gripper Professional Hair Pomade, Shaper Professional Hair Toffee and the Texturiser Professional Hair Cream, which are all low-high, shine products.

As well as the Distorter Professional Hair Clay, Moulder Professional Hair Shaper and Mattifier Professional Hair Cement, which are all matte look (natural look) products which are designed for different hair types, coming in different holds and textures.

Hairbond 120ml Sprays

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As popular with ladies as with men. The Hairbond sprays hold 120ml of Hairbond product. The blue is the Texturiser Sea Salt Spray and the purple, Wonder Professional Hair Primer.

Both products work fantastically well as a pre styler, for use with a blow drier in order to build the foundations of your salon quality style. With Hairbond products being completely uni-sex, savvy barbershop and salon goers have been known to buy Hairbond as a gift or present for their other half, and secretly use it while they’re not looking, it’s just that good that everyone can use it.

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In all serious, if you’re looking for barbershop retail opportunities, consider gift ideas. Birthdays, anniversarys and events happen in your town, city or village every single day. Be there to help your clients buy something high quality, useful and at a fair and thoughtful price point.

barbershop retail

The Hairbond range expands with shower sets, brushes, towels etc so there’s even more opportunities to send a client packing with a bag full of goodies.

If you’re interested in partnering with Finest Barbers we would love to hear from you.

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