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If you’re in the hair and beauty trade, there’s no question you need a hair and beauty supply store to maximise your opportunities by selling hair and beauty products to your clients.

At Finest Barbers we only specialise in hair product distribution but boast to have exclusive access to the world famous Hairbond United Kingdom brand.

A world famous hair styling brand previously managed over the last decade by hair and beauty wholesalers Capital Hair and Beauty and Aston and Fincher for the UK market.

Also Finest Barbers is not a physical store and it’s not just used by barbers.

Finest Barbers is an online trade store for barbers, hairdressers, hair stylists, beauticians and pharmacies looking to source what we call the finest hair styling products to come out of the UK, at trade prices.

Hairbond is British unisex hair styling brand and caters for all hair types with products from it’s established high quality range.

With a huge list of product endorsements from celebrities, Hollywood actors, and footballers, Hairbond has over the years been one of the most talked about hair styling brands.

hairbond hair and beauty supply store

As an online hair and beauty supply store for trade, we can discount Hairbond products to more than 50% off if you are an established selling partner.

hair and beauty supply store hairbond

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