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At Finest Barbers we only stock the best hair styling products as manufactured by Hairbond United Kingdom. Hairbond UK formed back in 2008 and since launching a selection of premium quality men’s hair products, they rode the wave of the boom which blew up male grooming. As a top UK hair product wholesaler we aim to supply only the Finest Barbers, planet earth has to offer.

Finest Barbers is a digital hair product wholesaler platform designed to make shopping for hair styling products super easy. Yes, celebrating high sales conversion and user retention rates, we also brag about the benefits of educating clients in premium products, the finest brand we could find, which has something for everybody.

You get the theme..

That’s no more street parking, no time wasting pushing a trolley around, away from your business, just simple direct online trade shopping. Trade pricing is an attractive 50% off but do get in touch to find out further exclusive deals on individual products throughout the year.

We don’t charge our partners VAT and we pay for the cost of delivery on every order.

Our warehouses are in Shropshire and we use a DPD next day delivery service for the UK. Ireland is a 2 day service and Europe/Rest of the world is generally a 5-7 working day service.

Finest Barbers is not just like any ordinary hair product wholesaler. We are dedicated to marketing our partners online and no extra cost. This is an option and is not mandatory.

Have any questions? Don’t be afraid to ask Stefan, he can be located on Facebook as “Michaels Stefan” and he operates both the Finest Barbers Page and Finest Barbers Group. If Facebook isn’t your thing, checkout @FinestBarbersUK on Instagram..

Or just call him +447955656152 or drop a WhatsApp if you prefer.