Fiore Collection by Gina Gino

With a breath of optimism, the Fiore Collection by Gina Gino plunges us into a luxuriant universe of artistic creativity. It combines two of our favourite things – hairdressing and flowers. Spontaneous! Vibrant! Shimmering! 

The Fiore Collection by Gina Gino exudes vitality and strength which promoting a light carefree sense of freedom.Pure like a flower, with delicate petals, luminous and unique scents.The mastery of the hairdressing makes this collection as unique as haute-couture. With lines of graphic and feminine cuts combining strength and character. Personalised colouring techniques invite a contemporary and trendy outlook. Like the blossoming of a rare flower, the multitude of hairstyles reveals beauty with intensity. As Christian Dior said: “After women, flowers are the most divine creations.”

Fiore Collectionby Gina Gino  Artistic Direction and Hair: Eric Maurice & Maggie Pacheco, Colour: Maggie Pacheco, Stylng: Véronique Suchet, Make-up: Mariana Miteva. Photos and post production: Pascal Latil, PR: ELP Hair Production

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