Flashback Collection by Jérôme Fendt

For each look in his Flashback Collection, Jérôme FENDT draws inspiration from multiple sources: painting, photography, cinema and travel, to name but a few.

Jérôme took his inspiration from some really unforgettable iconic looks from the past; those that have remained in everyone’s mind. In his Spring/Summer 2022 Flashback Collection, Jérôme completely revisits everything of course; according to his own vision of today’s hairstyling trends.

Hair & Colour : Jérôme FENDT Hair Assistant: Andréa Hoffman Photos: Kevin Edet Make-up: Justine Valence. Styling: La Kitscherie Vintage (Metz) Products: La Biosthetique Paris Thanks to: Panasonic, Wahl, ghd, Mizutani.

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