Free Mirror Talkers: Eco tips on Mirrors

Working with industry leaders and the Green Salon Collective, we have developed free Mirror Talkers. A year-long study in 2022 showed that clients love them, they result in more sustainable haircare, and give stylists confidence in talking about such topics. 

See our short video and report on


You can access free training videos for stylists on sustainable haircare and how to use mirror talkers, and also download free Mirror Talkers and posters from Green Salon Collective. 

These and other resources, such as a free virtual salon sustainable training program and free sustainable stylist/salon certification schemes are available on  Or get in touch: 

To keep up to date on latest news follow:@EcoHairBeauty; Instagram/Facebook ecohairbeautyuk and @greensaloncollective and @GreenSalonCo.

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