French Twist – How To by Joana Neves

Joana Neves, Editorial Director of ALTERNA, is famous for her exceptional skill, attention to detail and flawless finishes. She is also a regular face behind the scenes of the worlds most respected fashion weeks.

Her French Twist look gets inspiration from a classic feel, taking a beautiful and simplistic up do style. She’s added a modern day twist and, of course, some extra texture and definition. 


1 Using a small barrel tong, take small sections and tightly tong. Keep the tonged section in place and also secure with hair pins for the time being. Tong 3 sections and secure. Then, take a section (around 5cm width) to the right of the tonged sections, and tong this too – securing with a hair clip to set.

2 Taking a large section of hair from the crown, spray the ALTERNA Caviar Anti Aging Working Hairspray at the roots, to add a little lift to the hair.

3 Divide the crown section into 3 sections, and backcomb each section at the roots, creating volume and texture. Once complete, place the hair over the tonged sections.


4 Using your backcombed sections, bring them together and lightly brush the hair to the side, keeping it smooth as well as secure. Then re-direct the hair back over the secured section to create the ‘roll’.

5 Once you are happy with the ‘rolled’ section, secure with hair pins to keep the look in place. Use between 5-7 pins if required at different sections of the roll to secure. Be sure to keep the outer hair as smooth as possible.

6 Next, remove your clip from the tonged side section and allow this to remain free. Take your tonged section nearest the crown and brush this out and place over as well as around the roll. Create a wave like effect and secure with hair slides. Then lightly spray with the My Hair My Canvas City Shielding Hairspray to secure. Remove remaining hair clips from the tonged sections.

7 Lightly brush your tonged sections at the front of the hair, creating a quiff like effect from the back combing. And place the vintage wave so it elegantly flows to the side. Finish the look with the ALTERNA Caviar Anti Aging Working Hairspray.

Hair – Joana Neves, Alterna Europe  MUA – Roseanna Velin  Products – Alterna Europe 

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