Fresha is FREE for Hair and Beauty Businesses!

Empower your business with free top salon software from Fresha. Discover completely free appointment booking software and a comprehensive salon management & marketing platform packed with free-to-use features.

In an online, digital and mobile-centric world, technology is fuelling growth in the hair and beauty industry. Salon software and appointment booking apps are now integral to running and managing a salon business. However, not all booking apps or salon software solutions are the same. Every now and then, something truly innovative, imaginative and game-changing emerges. Something that redefines the market and sets new benchmarks by which all other software providers are measured. Fresha is such an innovation! It provides partners with the most advanced salon software to manage appointments and protect incomes, as well as having automated SMS text reminders and no-show protections. Fresha marketplace also connects salons and spas to millions of consumers who are searching for and booking appointments via the website and booking app. 

Fresha is the ultimate search engine for consumers looking for the perfect hairdressing service or beauty treatment. It has already processed over 250 million appointments worldwide; this makes it the fastest growing free salon software in the UK and around the world.

A Worldwide Success Story

Over 52,000 hairdressing, beauty, spa and nail salon partners, and more than 150,000 beauty and wellness professionals in 120 countries trust Fresha. These include everyone from freelancers to multi-outlet businesses. Fresha’s intuitive, user-friendly interface and wide range of free-to-use features has seen it become the industry’s most popular software for hair and beauty salons, and spas. 

Open Up to a Global Marketplace

Fresha offers partners 100% subscription-free salon software as well as unlimited team members, bookings, locations and transactions among its free-to-use features. Fully integrated reporting, POS and unlimited inventory are also included; also with low cost-per-transaction rates via the App or in-store card terminals ensuring speedy payments from clients.

Key to the success of any hair and beauty business is attracting new clients and retaining existing ones. By joining Fresha, partners gain access to Fresha marketplace; this generates appointment bookings that are boosted by reviews, so consumers can book online with complete confidence. 

This seamless end-to-end experience helps generate new clients for partners, as well as protecting their incomes. “Fresha marketplace is one of our greatest innovations,” explains CEO and founder William Zeqiri. “It actively connects our partners to people searching for hair and beauty services in their area. We’ve already processed over 250 million appointments worldwide; this feature allows partners to promote their business, attract new clients and exceed their commercial potential. Partners also benefit from payment security and protection against no-shows with SMS messaging and other protections. They can also promote their business via the platform’s sophisticated built-in marketing features.”

Fresha Founders, William Zeqiri and Nick Miller

Go FREE with Fresha and Stop Paying for Salon Software!

As Fresha has developed and grown, Co-founder Nick Miller explains why Fresha is free, and why Fresha is urging salon businesses to stop paying for software: “Fresha gives salons free access to innovative software and our business grows as they attract more clients and generate more revenue. Salon businesses should only pay for software when it’s working for them and this partnership philosophy means that we collaborate and grow alongside our partners. This is the Fresha way.”

Salon owner Ursula at Bond Salon is just one voice among many whose businesses have been transformed by Fresha: “Fresha is by far the best experience I’ve had with a salon booking system in 20 years! It’s super user-friendly and intuitive and their no-show and cancellation policy, and text reminders, have ensured we have not had one no-show since we opened a year and a half ago!” 

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