Get the Look: The Headband

Get the Look: The Headband

TONI&GUY international artistic director and head of education, Cos Sakkas, has created headband style: totally on-trend for AW20 and a look that every long-haired client is sure to love.

How to get the look

1 Find the placement of the Alice band. It needs to sit diagonally back forward through the top of the head, then angle back behind the ears.

2 Take a section that is about 1.5” and secure.

3 Either side of the Alice band section take a half-mm section and create a scalp braid which will be the band’s outline. 

4 Inside the scalp braid flatten and spray the hair and fit it in place with heat and hairspray to give it solidity and shine. 

5 It’s important to leave a bit of scalp visible on the scalp braids so it looks like the Alice band is added rather than part of the hair. 

6 At the front, create a classic roll through the fringe and create a vertical roll through the back. 


Hair: Cos Sakkas

Make-up: Lan Nguyen-Grealis

Styling: Veronica Greenhill

Photo: Jack Eames

Instagram: @cossakkas