ghd Ambassador Charlotte Mensah Celebrates ‘Good Hair’

ghd Ambassador Charlotte Mensah Celebrates 'Good Hair'

At an evening of hair, education and conversation supported by ghd, brand ambassador Charlotte Mensah celebrated the success of her debut book, Good Hair, as well as creating 3 fantastic and totally on-trend looks for textured hair.

Hosted by journalist Akesha Reid, the live-streamed event saw Charlotte discuss her own journey into hairdressing, her extraordinary career to date and the importance of education, consultation and conversation when it comes to black hair. 

Charlotte demonstrated three styles built around threading and incorporating ghd tools, including a reimagined mohican, a modern flattop and 70s style bunches. 


Look One

To achieve this 70s style, Charlotte prepped the hair with oils and butter to seal in moisture, creating a two-strand twist to lock in the hydration as prep. After untwisting the hair when ready to style, Charlotte used the ghd helios and comb attachment, working from the mid lengths to the roots to stretch out the texture slightly while retaining the hair’s natural look. She then went over the hair using the ghd glide to smooth, while maintaining natural texture and volume. Edge control was used on both sides to create a flat base, before a small section either side of the head was threaded to produce two matching twists.

Look Two

For this mohican style, Charlotte prepped the hair with oil and butter, then brushed through before using the ghd helios and comb attachment to stretch out the texture slightly. After prepping with edge control, she then created two threaded sections on either side of the head, above the ear. The two threaded pieces were then formed into an ‘X’ on either side and pinned up in place to form a faux undercut look on both sides. The remaining hair was then styled with the ghd helios and diffuser attachment to create a contrasting fuller shape on top.

Look Three

For her final high top look, Charlotte prepped the hair with oil and butter, then blew it out with the ghd Helios and comb attachment. To encourage the shape, Charlotte then worked with a comb and the ghd glide to brush the hair up into a high-top look. Working with her hands, she completed the shape visually. Finally, one side was prepped with edge control and then threaded in three small sections. The three were then brought together to replicate a flat, undercut section.

To close the session, Charlotte took questions from the audience on the future of Black hair education, her hopes for the next generation of hairdressers and her belief that “all hair matters” – the message at the heart of Good Hair.