Goldwell Color Collective – Goldwell’s Global Colour Community

Goldwell, the stylist-centered brand bringing innovation to the professional hair care community for over 75 years, has created the Goldwell Color Collective to bring together the most digital-savvy and talented creatives in the global colour community.

Goldwell Color Collective

The Goldwell Color Collective helps to bring brand awareness to both the Goldwell brand and the creators themselves, through content partnerships, events, and more. The creators in the team gain global exposure on the various Goldwell social media channels. They also have access to exclusive Goldwell news and are able to test out new products prior to launch. They also attend the Kao Salon Global Experience event in Chicago, USA. Additionally, creators will collaborate on exciting new projects, have access to Angelo Seminara, for digital sessions and have the ability to participate in global social media campaigns.

The creators that have been chosen for the inaugural Goldwell Color Collective of 2023 from the Americas & EMEA are as follows:

  • Ethan King, USA, Ron King Austin Hair Salon
  • Kylie Bussing, USA, Kylie Bussing Hair
  • Leo Byrne, Canada, Monarchy Salon
  • Luca Murray, New Zealand, Vivo Hair
  • Jools, Australia, Haus of Jools
  • Stacey Smoker, USA, Stacey Smoker Hair & Co.
  • Tony Norraphon, Switzerland, Coiffure Valentino
  • Casey Coleman, UK, Chair Salon Studio
  • Lydia Wolfe, UK, Jack & the Wolfe
  • Veronique Mordang, Netherlands, Bememiek Salon

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